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Best Picture EVAR!!!11!!!

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Lazy Friday Post



I'm looking for suggestions for a place to take my wife for the weekend. Has to be w/in ~ 2 hrs driving.

Buy American. I Am.

Buy American. I Am.

Proof that Buffett is a genius. He agrees with me. I've been saying that if I had two cents to rub together I'd be buying equity funds like crazy. The shorts and day traders are getting killed now but that's just the market sorting itself out. I'll take messy freedom over quiet socialism any time.

Obama and McCain trade wisecracks, not attacks

Obama and McCain trade wisecracks, not attacks: "'I can't shake the feeling that some people here are pulling for me,' McCain said. 'I'm delighted to see you here tonight Hillary.'"

Why can't the entire campaign be like this. Good natured barbs instead of broadsides? I know politics is a bloodsport but the level of vitriol makes governing very difficult after an election.

Exterminate All The Brutes

Ed Exterminate All The Brutes: "destroying Joe the Plumber, as an object lesson for anyone else who dares Think Different,"

This goes double for anyone who decides that neither party suits them. Then they get it from both sides.

America's economic turmoil is 'divine punishment' | Middle East | Jerusalem Post

"The current economic turmoil in the US is 'divine punishment,' Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Friday."

Funny how he never attributes our rip roaring success(es) to "Divine reward". Wonder why that is?

Girl called racist for wearing Palin t-shirt

Girl called racist for wearing Palin t-shirt.

So let me get this straight:

A white girl wearing a McCain/Palin t-shirt is racist because the two are of the same race.

Why do I doubt that a black person wearing an Obama shirt would be similarly considered racist because they are of the same race?

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Score one for my B.S. meter

Wake me when you can produce the audio.

Yep. It's crap. Sounded like something Freepers made up.

Good News McCain Supporters!

Morris Maps the Election

Dick Morris who has been consistently wrong about everything ever is putting Obama at 396 and McCain as 110. This can only mean an imminent sweeping landslide victory for McCain. Flee Obama supporters! Flee! Cower in fear of the Angry Ill Tempered President To Be! MWA HA HAHAHAHA!

Christ runs for 232 yards in Catholic victory -

Christ runs for 232 yards in Catholic victory

Yay Christ! I knew you could do it! Let's hear it for our Lord and Savior! W00t!

"It's a good opportunity for me to start and show myself as a junior and get my name out there," said Christ. "I just wanted to come out, pursue, win and do what needed to be done."

Christ did a tremendous job running downhill and when he took a hit, he seemed to accelerate. Christ scored on runs of 24, 1 and 51 yards the last bouncing off several would-be tacklers and sprinting to the end zone.

"If they don't wrap me, I'm just going to put my legs out and keep them moving," said Christ.

Being omnipotent must make it very hard to tackle him. I just thought he'd have a higher yards/carry average.

How much was that?

"All told, the potential cost to the government of the latest bailout package comes to $2.25 trillion, triple the size of the original $700 billion rescue package, which centered on buying distressed assets from banks."

Yes, like any government program it's now three times it's original size and the scope has far exceeded the original mandate.

One thing that always confused me about the Soviet Union. How was it that Stalin was able to consolidate power in a lowly position like Secretary. He simply ceded himself more power by taking control of the party that controlled the government. So, if Barry wins in November, Democrats will control the White House, the USSC, and both houses of Congress. By passing this Republican led insanity, they'll be handing near total control of not just the Treasury but the banking sector of the economy to one man who is neither elected nor, per the bill, answerable in any court. Paulson's successor will have enormous sweeping…

Vote for Palin

or she will eat this faun.

Delaware represents at GABF

GABF 2008: The Full Winner List

Well done local brewers!

The 27th annual Great American Beer Festival awarded 222 medals for beers entered in 75 different style categories.

Category: 5 Herb and Spice or Chocolate Beer - 72 Entries
Silver: Pangaea, Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton, DE

Category: 7 Specialty Beer - 21 Entries
Gold: Red & White, Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton, DE
Bronze: Palo Santo Marron, Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton, DE

Category: 8 Rye Beer - 24 Entries
Gold: Roggenbier, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant - Media, Wilmington, DE

Category: 18 Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer - 27 Entries
Silver: Cherry Dubbel, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant - Newark, Wilmington, DE

Category: 30 Vienna-Style Lager - 28 Entries
Gold: Vienna Red Lager, Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant - West Chester, Wilmington, DE

Category: 40 German-Style K├Âlsch - 42 Entries
Gold: Wind Blown Blonde, Stewart’s Brewing Co., Bear, DE

Category: 60 French- and Belgian-Style Saison - 37 Entries
Gold: Saison, Iron Hill Brewer…

Bringing the lulz


Wake me when you can produce the audio.

Will MSM Investigate Alleged Angry Phone Call by Michelle Obama to African Press International?

Yeah she's got a temper but I'm calling bullshit on this one until they have some proof.

Open Thread


Incremental increase in my faith in humanity

Aledo High seniors pick classmate with Down syndrome as homecoming queen

h/t: The Anchoress

So the bitter clingers to religion and guns manage to non-ironically choose a girl with Down's as their prom queen.

I can really offer no better comment than that.

This is not good

A glimmer of hope

IF ELECTED, OBAMA WILL BE MY PRESIDENT. This from a site self style "Rightwing Nuthouse". That they will jump on board after the election. Some would call that mymidionism. Slavish, blindly following the leader. Not so. Eight years of derision, scorn and abject hatred for George Bush has not just belittled the man but the office. That's what I think the Bush haters miss. The GOP did the same during the Clinton years. They railed against the man so much it damaged the office of the President. This is not good by any measure. I, like them, will support the duly elected leader. I may not like him or his policies and will raise a voice against them but I will not go all BDS like DU and their ilk. I urge Obama supporters to do the same if when he loses.

I've been thinking...

and I now have a foolproof plan to get us out of this financial morass. It's five words long.

Tax all foreigners living abroad.

Apply that money to whatever we seem to need of late, perhaps even debt relief.

A Prayer in Time of War - a poem by Alfred Noyes

A Prayer in Time of War - a poem by Alfred Noyes

A Prayer in Time of War

Thou, whose deep ways are in the sea,
Whose footsteps are not known,
To-night a world that turned from Thee
Is waiting at Thy Throne.

The towering Babels that we raised
Where scoffing sophists brawl,
The little Antichrists we praised
The night is on them all.

The fool hath said . . . The fool hath said.
And we, who deemed him wise,
We who believed that Thou wast dead,
How should we seek Thine eyes?

How should we seek to Thee for power
Who scorned Thee yesterday?
How should we kneel, in this dread hour?
Lord, teach us how to pray!

Grant us the single heart, once more,
That mocks no sacred thing,
The Sword of Truth our fathers wore
When Thou wast Lord and King.

Let darkness unto darkness tell
Our deep unspoken prayer,
For, while our souls in darkness dwell,
We know that Thou art there.

Alfred Noyes"

Daily Roundup Political Edition

Struggling McCain debuts comeback speech. This is familiar territory. Not so long ago, he was the dark horse for the party nomination. Romney was all but assured and if not him then Huckabee was the next in line. McCain was in the dustbin like Guiliani, Paul, and Thompson. I still don't know how he went from broke and running at the bottom to nominee. Can he do it again? We'll know in three weeks.

Philly fans showing their typical classlessness booed Sarah Palin and her daughters. What else to expect from fans that once booed and pelted Santa Claus with snowballs?

Obama supporters have taken to firebombing their opponents. That you have not heard about this aside from Michelle Malkin and/or Instapundit is rather telling.

Malkin has a rather exhaustive roundup of political violence perpetrated by Democrats in the last few years. I do not share her view that this is typical or representative of your average Democrat. However, that they've not been loudly excoriatin…

Fighting a Cold Civil War

Fighting a Cold Civil War

key graf:

As far as I'm concerned, the differences are irreconcilable. One part of the country wants a socialist, European-style country. The other part wants a country based on free-enterprise and the Constitution. One side has disdain for orthodox Judeo-Christian faiths, whereas the other side embraces or at least tolerates those beliefs. One part believes that if we just let down our defenses, everything would be peace and lovebeads. The other part knows we live in a dangerous world and that defense is essential.

However this election turns out, there will be turmoil. If Obama wins, a large part of the country will feel angry and powerless against the will of the left leaning blue states, the news media, Hollywood and academia. (In fact, they already feel that way, I assure you.) They will believe that ACORN created enough false voter registrations to put Obama over the top. If McCain wins, the left will riot and claim, "The Diebold machines were hac…