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More thoughts on Loyola:

I think I started off very well there but finished badly. I burned alot of bridges and didn't leave with many friends. Mea culpa. I think it bothers me because I have much less affinity for my alma mater because of it. I think it's also hard because it was such an important part of my life and I don't really have too many people (if any) that I can reminisce about it with. (awkward phrasing but i'm in the moment here.) Also, it's hard to get some perspective on things and why they happened the way they happened as well as getting some objectivity about the whole thing.

I might just delete this last post as it's hitting a bit too close to home.

Thank God nobody I know has any idea I have a blog. Makes me wonder why the hell I'm writing this if I'm not going to tell people about it. Perhaps I will. Not sure yet.

Sic transit gloria.

Damnit! I hate this @#$%$# browser. I was in the middle of a post and it crashed on me. The thrust of the post is/was thus:

1. It's raining.
2. I'm irritable and overtired
3. I wanted to see Le Pacte des Loups this weekend but it's not playing anywhere in a 60 mile radius
4. That is bullshit.
5. My flat tire from yesterday is going to cost me north of 80 bucks. The sidewall gave out b/c dumbass (that would be me) didn't check the pressure
6. This list is too long.

Thoughts for the day:

If airline baggage screeners are now federal employees, aren't random seaches a violation of the 4th Amendment?
Aren't separate security lines for frequent flyer/business travellers a violation of equal protection? Did any of the geniuses running airline security notice that the hijackers on 9/11/01 were in business class? Just wondering if economics aren't taking a priority over safety and security.
It is my contention that airline security is not on…

Not a good start

Ugh. Started my morning off with a flat tire. Fortunately there was a break in the rain and I managed to keep (mostly) clean. Got to work late and now everything is down. On the upside, I managed to get in before the nameserver went down so I can still do something.

Just wondering:
If airport security are now an arm of the federal government....

1. aren't random searches a violation of the Fourth Amendment?
2. Isn't is a violation of equal protection to have one lane for frequent fliers/ bidness class and one for the rest of us? On second thought, no, airlines are private entities you dolt.