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Longmire does Romance Novels

Hilarious! h/t Boing
Coolest knife holder. ever

h/t Boortz
Psychiatrist recounts performing exorcisms

Ok, this is interesting. I've skimmed "The Road Less Travelled" and I don't think the author is a kook. I wonder, however why now? It appears from the article he's a recent convert and this may be a result of his new enthusiasm for it. The last paragraph undermines that assumption. He talks of his attraction to the church as well as the problems he has with it. I don't think he's a blind zealot/overly enthusiastic new convert type. He seems sensible and rational and the experiences he relates were many years ago before he found his faith. Interesting.
So: here's the first one:

It's 4:20 AM. #3 son is crying in his sleep. He's been teething and he's probably in pain. I go in to soothe him and as soon as I open the door, his brother pops up and says; "I can't watch this show, it's too loud." I assure him it's ok and finally get #3 back to sleep. As I'm getting ready to leave, I get the order from #2: "Give #3 a hug and kiss. Now you go find mommy."
I've been having trouble blogging of late largely b/c I don't feel like I have much to say. When it comes to current events and/or politics, there are so many who say so much more and so much better. I've thought about keeping it more to local news but that's about as exciting as reading an insurance form. Beyond that I'm left with daily observations and anecdotes which are tough to do well. I'll give that a try and see how it goes. I hope I don't lose my reader w/ this change.