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Adventures in sleep deprivation continued...

Two Thirty three AM.

He was up again at 2:33 AM. For. The. Day.

I feel like death warmed over. It's like being hungover without getting to enjoy the beer the night before. He was very upset and crying and wouldn't stay in he bed or even his room. I have a headache of truly epic proportions that nothing seems to quell. I'm crankier than Keith Olberman at a GOP convention and my eyes are burning like I've been in a swimming pool for hours. Best of all? A birthday party for tomorrow for my son and, God help me, 14 other 5 year olds. This is supposed to have passed by now as the medication should be out of his system. If this is not a side effect of the medication and simply the new norm, I have major, major problems. Other than slightly increased aggression he seems totally unaffected by the whole thing which is, frankly, unfair. I wish I had half his energy. If I could bottle it and sell it, I certainly wouldn't be blogging to you lot. I'd be sit…

Daily Roundup

First up: George Soros' anti-Americanism in his own words:

"I'm not looking for a worldwide recession. I'm looking for a significant shift of power and influence away from the US in particular and a shift in favour of the developing world, particularly China." Game, set, match. He wants to see China ascendant and America pushed aside. Yes, China the bastion of freedom, liberty and meek foreign policy. I will no longer suffer any fool who tells me Soros is not anti-American. Further, anything he funds with his zillions is rightly labeled anti-American.

Second; Remember when Russia resumed it's air patrols off the coast of the US and some people blamed Bush ('natch). It was his reckless and aggressive foreign policy that started it all. Now we're seeing Russia making test bombing runs off the coast of Europe. Do we blame Sarkozy or Zapatero? Those warmongering French I suppose.

Up next, "Police stumbled upon a bomb-making factory Sunday…

The perils of modern medicine.

So, the lack of blogging lately can be attributed to one thing: lack of sleep. No, it's not the baby, it's my eldest. He started some new medication recently and when we discussed it with the doctor she never mentioned that insomnia was one of the possible side effects. (Shame on me for not reading the fine print on the side effects). After about a week, he stopped sleeping normally. He would go to bed at regular time (circa 8:00 PM) and then he'd be coming into our bedroom around 2:00 AM. Up. For. The. Day. I have to mention here that the his energy level is also atypical for kids his age. He's 7 but in addition to being autistic, he has ADHD. Yes. So imagine your 7 year old after 3 Red Bulls at 2:00 AM for 8 days in a row. I'm literally falling asleep any time I'm not actively doing something. My wife and I are at our wits end. We stopped the medication a few days ago but this insomnia has not abated. In fact, it may not. This may be the new …

Site traffic, widgets and such

See that widget on the side that tracks visitors? Yes, that one. I've noticed that the number of visitors recorded by Sitemeter is vastly lower than those tracked by the widget? Does anyone know why? Oddly I see numbers that vary wildly on Sitemeter between zero and a hundred while the widget seems to track a fairly even number of visitors. Just strikes me as odd, that's all.

Band Meme

Via Paul.

New album by Ravonna: "In his inner sanctuary"