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F1 For Sale

Rumorsabound that Rupert Murdoch and Carlos Slim are looking to form a consortium to buy F1. Bernie Ecclestone (F1 supremo since 1978) says that is completely not true. That can mean only one thing; it's completely true! Bernie is famous for finding out that his wife was divorcing him by reading about it in the newspapers. If he's that out of touch with his wife you can imagine how out of touch he is with F1. OK, that's a bit of a joke. He's probably more in tune with F1 than his marriage which probably explains why he's still in F1 but no longer married.

NewsCorp. is mum on the subject as is Slim. But consider:

Mexican billionaire Slim already has a relationship with the sport via the Telmex-backed Sauber team through his eldest son Carlos Slim Domit.

and JPMorgan is reportedly advising which explains the leak. They've been leaking deal news like a sieve since 2005 or so when they're trying to either close a deal or pump up interest in a market se…