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This is both sad and disturbing. My prayers go out to this woman and her family.
One thing I love about the US Military is the slang. One thing you notice if you're around military people is that their language is peppered with acronyms, jargon and slang to a degree that most people are not. Some of these I had heard before but some I had not. I've culled a few of my favorites from the list on Wikipedia:

bullet sponge
(US) An infantryman, most commonly the point man of an infantry fire team (who is usually the first member of the team to engage, or be engaged by, the enemy).
Chair Force
(US) the US Air Force, referring to the fact that many Air Force personnel spend their time "flying a desk", i.e. doing office work of various sorts.
Charts and darts
(US) Manual field artillery firing calculations
Desert queen
(US)A promiscous woman that sleeps around while at a deployed location.
Hudson High
The United States Military Academy at West Point, which overlooks the Hudson River. Pejorative.
90-Day Wonder
Newly-commissioned (O-1) graduat…
This has me so confused. I literally have no idea what to think of this.

UPDATE: Ok, it would perhaps help if I read more carefully. It seems the "Marriage Amendment" which the idiots mentioned above are supporting is not in support of SSM as I initially thought but rather, against it. Which makes perfect sense. Nothing worse than having your side of the debate drawing fools like these. I swear I find them fascinating, frightening and pathetic all at once. Fascinating because I cannot understand how they came to believe what they did. I can only surmise it was passed on to most of them by their parents. Frightening because they espouse violence and I've seen enough of these characters to know a good many of them are usually spoiling for a fight. Pathic, I think is pretty self-explanatory. They are losers who were pushed to the margins for one reason or another. I'm sure some of them have a chip on their shoulder that makes them all but unemployable and man…