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Food For Thought From the Chuck Wagon

I found this via Andrew Sullivan and found it interesting. I think he (Andrew) tends to find people who support his biases (who doesn't?) which is why this piqued my curiousity. Certainly this guy is not a member of the loyal opposition or anything approaching it.

To me, it's clear he's a paleocon. Many paleocons feel abandoned by the new GOP which is more socially liberal than the GOP of the Reagan years.

The bit about the Religious Right combining politics and theology is not entirely accurate. Today in America, politics are firmly infused with personal identity. That is, how you vote and whom you vote for is seen (rightly or wrongly) as part and parcel of who you are. We talk about the red/blue divide and both sides of that divide view any attacks on their candidate as impugning their character. Politics matter now and people see that this is not just a game anymore. I could easily argue the other side and say that I'…