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I feel like a guy who lives by the side of the river. Every day I get in my kayak and paddle like hell upstream. At the end of the day I get out, exactly where I started and sleep in my tent. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Observations on Iowa

Romney and Clinton

Huckabee and Obama

Why pair them so? Simply put, they are cut from the same cloth. Romney and Clinton are craven, calculating and vacillate with the political winds. Huckabee and Obama do not. They actually listen to questions, think and then answer. Romney and Clinton aren't listening so much as screening for key words in the question(s) which trigger their brains to spit out response #2,413 with the appropriately associated platitudes. The mere look of Romney makes me queasy. He is the quintessential blow-dried, coiffed, manicured and buffed politician. I've heard little of what he says and trusted none of what little I've heard. Hillary has been foisting platitudes since the mid-90's. It was enough to get New Yorkers to elect her as Senator. (A feat which, to this day, makes me feel ashamed of my birthplace. That the denizens of Gotham, who are supposed to be the most jaded people on earth would roll over for a carpetbagging Southerner w…