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Why do I love Christopher Hitchens?

Click and read, or just look at the pictures.
Austin Bay Blog ? Tom Nichols: The Clinton Administration and Iraqi WMD Intel in 1998: "It could be argued that Clinton was acting on what was known in 1998, but that by 2003 anyone who would take the same line was either a liar or a fool. Then Clinton must be both, because in early 2003, the issue came up in a discussion with Larry King, and Clinton–actually defending Bush–held firm on the idea that it would have been dangerous to assume that there were no longer in WMD in Iraq even at the end"

Read the whole thing. - Ford Motor considers going private: "CEO Bill Ford has been criticized for several incidents since taking the job in October 2001."

Actually, he was criticized before that. It was noted that he has no experience that would lead anyone to believe he could lead Ford. The only qualification he had was his family name and 5% of the stock. Jac Nassar is looking pretty good right now.

Ford has had not only quality and build problems but their tooling costs are higher than their competitors which is death for auto companies.

From a consumer perspective, Ford has been producing boring and uninspiring cars for 10 years now. The hit they had with the Explorer has died with the gas prices north of $3.00 per gallon and the Mustang didn't make the splash they hoped for. The relaunch of the Thunderbird was an absolute disaster. A $40,000 car that is slow, ungainly and had quality problems. No wonder the customers stayed away in droves. I thought the Mercury Ma…
What does JK Rowling do with her money?

Well, she's not giving it to me, but I'm glad she's giving it to somebody. She does appear to have her head on straight and is a bit ambushed by the fame. It must be hard to keep yourself grounded when you are suddenly very very wealthy. I also find it interesting that she spends her money on experiences and not things. She doesn't buy diamond watches and such but rather, spends to go to exotic places and have very nice vacations. That's what I would do also. I think as you get older you realize that you become prisoner to your posessions if you're not careful (and assuming you have money to acquire lots of things). Whereas an experience is something you'll always have but never have to maintain.
What Your Freshmen Don't Know

Every year these come out and every year they make me feel older.
The Blotter: "Is Tomorrow Doomsday?"

I sure hope not. I still have a really long list of things on my "to do" list. However, if it is, this blog will be on indefininte hiatus until civilization rises again and Algore can reinvent the internet.
Push grows to reform the way Congress spends.

I hope that this becomes one of the top issues in both midterm and the '08 elections.

Alas, it won't. The issues will be illegal immigration, Iraq and potential judicial appointments.
Afghanistan is the forgotten war. Iraq gets all the press because, frankly, the jihadis are far more skilled at working the MSM. The MSM loves the Iraq story because it has a chance to change the midterm elections and it usually has nice videos of things blowing up or burning. Afghanistan, not so much.

The story points to a dramatic culling of Taliban forces in response to an attack on Canadian troops there. The Talib have also aligned themselves with the drug gangs which makes them doubly unpopular as the drug lords tend to be ruthless and extremely violent.
Remember: Americans are bigoted knuckle dragging philistines and Europeans are sophisticated, intelligent and not bigoted.

If you ask me, these people are smart to obey their instincts. Perhaps they've read this.