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Like Superman on laundry day....

Democrats folded. The threw the red meat to the Kos Kidz and now it's back to the drawing board to come up with Operation Surrender II.

Why must you turn your blog into a HOUSE OF LIES!?

Dialogue Delaware is making scandalous accusations about me! They contend that Sherry Freeberry had county executive assistants:

* Paying traffic tickets for Duffy
* Typing Duffy’s resume
* Sending Duffy’s photos to a modeling agency

All lies! OK that bit about the modeling thing is true but only because I'm so devastatingly handsome it seems unfair that only local women get to see a man of my pulchritude.

Iron Man First Look

Hube claims to be a fan. Bah! If he were, I wouldn't have scooped him on this one.

Picture from here

Daily Roundup

Global Politician revisits the Anthrax cases and points a blackened finger. More here

Just another day in Iraq. The ease and humility that Teflon Don writes with makes it all the more compelling. I guarantee if I were writing this story it would be replete with hyperbole, self-aggrandizement and worse. Read it. Now.

Why France will liberalize. I'm not so sure. The welfare state has been decades in the making. We're now looking at third and fourth generation Frenchmen who know nothing else. As an American I knew about the size and scope of the state in France but it wasn't until I lived there did I really get it. Even if Sarko wins he's fighting an entrench bureaucracy that makes the US government look like Cato Institute's wet dream.

Mitt Romney's efforts to make himself unelectable continue apace. Now he declares "Battlefield Earth" as his favorite book. Who's the only religious group less electable than Mormons? Scientologists! I h…

Daily Roundup

New York City, having eradicated all violent crime and closed all open cases has turned their sights on 77 year old cancer patients who smoke pot. Thank God they're working so hard to keep Gothamites safe.

Tenet is getting it from all sides now. Hitchens ('natch) gives him a beatdown and former national security officials

National Review skewers him here. Someone remarked that if there's anyone supporting Tenet now I haven't found him. After some searching, I haven't either. Reader(s) are invited to post any links to anyone supporting him now. Bonus points for politicians and MSM figures.

Remember when Bill Frist had his name dragged through the mud as part of the Democrats campaign to regain control of Congress and get rid of their most effective opponent? Me too. Did you hear he was exonerated? Of course not. Why would you?

Sarko has a slim lead. Can he hold it?

A day in the life for paratroopers in Iraq.

Quote of the day: "Iraq not getting better? U…

The Kitchen of Tomorrow!

or at least The Kitchen of Eight Years Ago brought to you by the futurologists of 1967.

See it here.

Wind power idea

I've been skeptical of wind power in the past. Largely my concerns rest with scalability and consistency of supply. There are ways of mitigating the latter somewhat but the former is a barrier created by physics not will. This idea, however, might have some merit. If that's going to be used to power lights along the highway and possibly suppliment some service stations it would be a start.

Even if this only does a small amount, that's a good thing. It won't drive the price of oil down but we need to move to renewable energy wherever possible.

Daily Roundup

The Empire of Lies is a long article that covers in some depth the reasons why China will not be the hyperpower set to challenge the US for hedgemony.

Another example of government stupidity and law lagging behind the environmental movement.

Telling you to read the latest at Villanous Company is getting to be a daily feature. From now on, go there before you come here. (Guarenteed to drive their webtraffic up by 0). This one, deals with Tenet's retconning of the Iraq war run up.

More on Tenet's imagination here.

One of the lynchpins of the 9/11 tinfoil hat crowd is that fire doesn't melt steel. Jet fuel couldn't possibly have weakened the curtain wall or structural steel of the Towers. Fire doesn't melt steel. Except when it does.

Rudy took a some brick bats for comments that we'd be on the defensive if a Democrat is elected president in '08. Democrats predictably whined and then proved him right. Liberals don't like military action unless it is se…