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DV: This one's for you.

This is getting out of control

So...I've told you before about work related strife. We're passed stressful and into laughable. Part of my job is global support. Not a big deal, I've done it before but in the past it's been for largely English speaking people and usually, expats. Now I'm getting emails like this:

"Proszę wysłać (jak najszybciej) do Rabena 5 palet przekładek 1046260 z PL0112 do PL0306.
Jak zwykle będę wdzięczna za potwierdzenie dokumentu, którym przekładki będą wydane z fabryki."

I am not making this up.

I'm pretty sure that's Polish (but it could be Czech). Neither is available for translation in Babelfish so now I have to find somebody who can translate this or find a website capable of doing so.

In addition, I had a conversation with my manager about training my new counterpart. He asked how I "feel about travel". I asked him where and how long and with an evil grin he said, "two weeks at least, probably three." Now if any of you are…

Alonso Runs Out of Toys, Throws Himself From Pram -, the F1 News and Forum Site

Alonso Runs Out of Toys, Throws Himself From Pram. Headline just about tells the whole story. What's most remarkable to me is how he went from being well liked (and level headed) to being a spoiled brat in one season. He should be looking to his rookie team mate for tips on how to act in public.

Nerd King

About what I expected. *sigh*

Quote of the Day II

Victoria Beckham: Three boys... I think it's less about parenting now for me and more about crowd control.

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