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The New York Times > International > Asia Pacific > War in Iraq Plays a Role in Elections in Australia

These two articles precisely point out that the Australians "get it". They understand the importance of the GWOT and that Iraq is an integral part of that war. No, there is no evidence linking Saddam and his ilk to 9/11. There is concrete proof that he financed the self-exploding morons in Palestine. He paid their families 25K a piece for the blood of their sons (and sometimes daughters).

I had an arguement with a leftist I know who honestly try to claim that this was not supporting terrorism, but rather, compensation for the IDF leveling their houses afterwards. Right. Sure.

I seriously doubt George Bush's re-election will be seen as a vindication of his foreign policy. More likely it will be a redux of the "angry white male" myth propigated after the 1994 elections. Eit…
U.S. Newswire : Releases : "DNC Files FEC Complaint Against Sinclair Broadcasting..."

MWA HA HA HA! I LOVE IT! Finally the DNC has an inkling of what it's like when the media is run by people with polar opposite opinions to yours.

I hope they run this film from now until doomsday.
Shot In The Dark: Where Is The Outrage?

Amen brother. I know this is the standard kant but really, what would have happened if this had been NRA office goons attacking Democrats? There would be Congressional hearings. The din from the hue and cry would be heard in ever pacific Canada.