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How to win at Christmas

The look on Mom's face when she realizes it's him is perfect.

Look on my works, ye Mighty and despair!

The rule of Leftist logic is as follows: Republicans are either dunces (Bush) or evil all powerful geniuses (Rove).

In either case, they are to blame for everything from papercuts to higher gas prices.

Our formerly sane friend Kavips has a new one about
Gasoline Pricing and the Republican Tax Code.

Democrats control both the House and the Senate, oh, and the White House too. This doesn't stop the tax code from being "Republican." No word on how many votes are required to make it either "bipartisan" or "Democrat". I suspect it's based more on the perceived evil or stupidity of the bill. (NB: I'll have to ask for a ruling)

I seem to remember a few posts about oil prices from Kavips so I checked the archives.

In June of 2009 the price of gas was not determined by the tax code (Republican or otherwise) but rather by "artificial financial devices". Interesting. I wonder what, precisely, makes a financial device artificial? Is it…