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TSA slated for dismantling

Looks like there's hope after all. I don't fly much but in the rare instances I do I absolutely resent the treatment passengers receive at the hands of these incompetent slobs. I was flying out of Philly and the screening line was easily 200 people long. There was only ONE GATE open for screening. People were very concerned they were going to miss their flight, some of them probably did. To make matters worse, there was a coffee klatch of about 9 TSA employees (I hate to use that word as it implies they work at some point) jibber-jabbering amongst themselves. If you could have harnessed the glares of fury coming from our line you could power Philadelphia for a decade or more. This is well-trod ground and my story is neither unique or rare. I think the TSA has done absolutely zero to make our skies safer. Good riddance.
Scene: At the dinner table. Sitting with my 3 year old. I've just opened a Guinness and poured it into my glass

Connor: Daddee, wus dat?

Me: Guiness. The Godfather of All Stout. It's from Ireland

Connor: Sure is dark in there.