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Telegraph | Opinion | How Saudi Arabia spreads terrorism and hatred of the West: "The Bush administration has censored an entire section from the report, detailing the Saudi role in the events leading up to the attacks. These suppressed passages are said to explain how Saudi diplomats provided financial and logistical support for the terrorists. Leading American senators, such as Bob Graham and Richard Shelby, have pointed the finger at Riyadh.
What is the link between the twin towers of New York and the minarets of Mecca? The men who mounted the most devastating act of terrorism in modern times, the al-Qa'eda organisation for which they worked, and the Taliban regime that gave them sanctuary, all emerged from a single Islamic fundamentalist movement. That movement - Wahhabism - originated in Saudi Arabia."

Make no mistake. Rove's fingerprints are all over this one. We needed the Saudi's when this first started. Now that we are in Iraq and Afghanistan and Oman…
David Steven has an awesome rundown of Gilligan's blog posts from the war.