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Video shows recovering Castro with Chavez?

Um, no. We have no idea when this was shot. There is nothing to indicate that it is recent. Unless or until he has some sort of live broadcast or shows himself before a crowd, I'm just not buying it.
Jeff Jacoby talks about political correctness trumping the truth. To be certain, he raises some good points. The silliness of the whole endeavor is evident. I understand, and even sympathize with the plight of the publishers. They are beholden to their customers who demand depictions of the students using the books. I don't have a problem with ethnic or racial diversity in stock photos but when you're omitting the Wright brothers in favor of the first black female pilot, we're into different territory. The one manipulation I don't have a problem with is the depiction of non-handicapped children as handicapped. I'm old enough to remember when handicapped people were invisible. No depictions of them on TV or in movies as it made people uncomfortable. As a kid I was told repeatedly not to stare at people who were disabled. I was reminded so frequently that I overcompensated and would actively ignore disabled people. I became uncomfortable when I was in a s…
"Perfect Story" Hoax Kills Fox Host

Hilarious. Read the whole thing.

h/t: House of Eratosthenes
One Hand Clapping ? Blog Archive ? Iraqi military culture

This is not promising. Donald Sensing is a former Army officer and has generally been very supportive of the GWOT broadly and the Iraq War specifically. The linked article tells us:

So after 6 months we’ve:

- taught them techniques for planning operations…they won’t do it.
- shown them how to conduct weapons sustainment ranges…they won’t do it.
- we’ve shown them how to conduct convoys…they won’t do it.
- we’ve taught them moral and ethical behavior required of soldiers…they won’t do it.
- we’ve taught them how to manage logistics…they won’t do it.
- we’ve taught them personnel and administrative management…they won’t do it.
- we’ve taught them how to operate tactically…they won’t do it.
- we’ve taught them how to sustain the life support systems on the camp…they won’t do it.

Not very rosy indeed. Sensing points to Arab tribalism as the root problem and hints that it is immutable. That would mean the whole exercise is doomed to failur…
Noted GOP organ The Washington Post sums up the Plame affair thus: End of an Affair: "It follows that one of the most sensational charges leveled against the Bush White House -- that it orchestrated the leak of Ms. Plame's identity to ruin her career and thus punish Mr. Wilson -- is untrue."

Read the whole thing and then revisit the deranged left side of the blogosphere that declared Bush/Rove/Novak guilty and treasonous and so on. All their fantasies of Rove being indicted (and some even claming it occured) were just that. Wishful thinking.
Catalog of Ted Stevens' Actions That Have Benefitted Clients of Ben Stevens

Can someone, anyone, explain to me why this isn't illegal? Why is Ted Stevens not being frogmarched to the nearest jail? I would love to see this guy thrown under the bus by both the GOP and the Democrats. However, the rest of them are hip deep and in no position to point any fingers.

It's no wonder he's the one that put the hold on the transparency bill. He's as guilty as the day is long. Shame on you Senator.
Remember: Iraq had no WMD's and the President LIED!!!!!!1

Oh, wait, they did have them:

Pajamas Media: EXCLUSIVE Secret Iraq WMD Report -- Partially Unclassified & Available @ PJM: "For those keeping score, this most recent discovery raises the total number of chemical weapons found in Iraq since 2003 to more than 700."

But these don't count because they weren't in neat rows with convenient labels and in perfect working order and ready to launch and be able to hit the US. Must be a lot of work moving those goalposts so much...
De La Where has a post called

It is time to enforce the laws!

It's a commentary about the illegal immigration issue. That DV is able to even call it illegal immigration and not "undocumented worker" or something is a good sign. However, things go downhill thereafter.

I wouldn't say I have a strong opinion on the matter I would just say that the GOP bullshit about them braking the law and they need to be punished/sent back home is nauseating and so blatantly obvious to be political appeasement that I have to have an opinion.

Apparently, wanting to punish people who break laws is the exclusive domain of the GOP. Interesting.

Let's continue:

The GOP standard response seems to be that b/c they broke the law and came across illegally they need to be punished and not rewarded for breaking the law. Their stance that they are law breakers and should not be able to get away with breaking the law seems so obvious to them that it should be that obvious to you. We here in the …
Army meets recruitment goal. Um...if it's so horrible and ghastly and soldiers want to come home so badly, why then, did they meet their goal? Just wondering.

p.s. I'm on a blogging slowdown (in case you haven't noticed) as I'm on vacation.
Kimi Raikkonen's Chopper.

Who knew Kimi could smile. Hell I would too if I had that chopper and a Enzo in my garage.