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This broke my irony meter

Good for me but not for thee

Is the split upon us?

There is always talk about one party or the other splitting. Each time it looks pretty serious. The Republicans crushing defeat last election has created a bifurcated GOP. The GOP Establishment as they are called is seen as elitist and out of touch and driven mainly, if not exclusively by self interest. I confess this is a view I share. I am not a Republican. I left them long ago when they decided to be the Party of the Preachers (c.f. Goldwater's Admonishon)

The Right Scoop has a (very) long audio clip of Mark Levin in full rant mode about Karl Rove.

Mark Levin exposes Karl Rove, Steven J. Law and why they are bad for GOP

Listen to the whole thing but it can be boiled down to this:
1. Rove has a poor track record in getting GOP candidates elected.
2. The candidates he favors are often not conservative
3. They are invariably of the GOP Establishment
4. Rove did nothing to curb Bush's Big Government programs
5. Rove is interested in being a power broker and littl…

Just Call 911

Miami-Dade Police Officers Caught on Camera Allegedly Ignoring Emergency Calls

Since they have them on video, I'm not sure how this falls under the category of "allegedly". I know it's a legal hedge but give me a break. This is about as concrete proof as you get. The fact that they were fired should tell you something.

Bookmark this page and show it to the next idiot who tells you to "just call 911" when you have a problem like an unconscious 5-month-old or a burglar breaking into your house.

News in brief

First up: In Michigan, the Union equivalent of the Eye of Sauron, they're trying to do an end run around the will of the people. They were resoundingly defeated in their attempts to continue taking money from people at gunpoint for the privilege of working. From the WSJ:

Michigan Union Tell-All: "Yet the most revealing news in the Cook memo is how little the union discusses assisting workers so more will voluntarily join unions. Instead the focus is how to continue coercing workers to keep paying dues. No wonder that the percentage of government workers who belong to unions fell last year. The Cook memo is damning proof that the main goal of union leaders is to enhance the power of union leaders, not of workers."

They know they no longer have a case for joining a union. The days of brickbat wielding Pinkertons are long over. Hell the days of the UAW are nearing an end. I think they finally know it. The Big Three aren't alone any more. The US isn't the epic…

Karl Rove and rich GOP donors wage war on Tea Party

Karl Rove and rich GOP donors wage war on Tea Party: "The effort would put a new twist on the Republican-vs.-Republican warfare that has consumed the party’s primary races in recent years. In effect, the establishment is taking steps to fight back against Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations that have wielded significant influence in backing candidates who ultimately lost seats to Democrats in the general election."

This is the end. Anyone who thinks they can vote for the GOP in hopes they will do anything to further the cause of liberty is at odds with reality. There was a time when the GOP, at least nominally, was the party of individual liberty. They are not. Karl Rove is interested in exactly one thing: Power. He does not want anyone not coming from the GOP Establishment ranks to be in any position of power or influence. He means to see the Tea Party destroyed as they are a threat to his Grand Plan. I suspect that there is a healthy strain of isol…

BBC News - Scores assemble at atheist church

Scores assemble at atheist church:

I've often thought atheism is really a form of faith. You cannot prove there isn't a god (or gods) so you have to have faith that there isn't one. Taking that a step further, atheism becomes a religion. A moral philosophy shared by a community that seeks to explain (or at least understand) mankind and it's place in the universe. That they are gathering in the same place, at the same time as the religion they reject is rather curious. They seem to be trying to co-opt the church rather than avoid it.

If someone revealed this all to be an elaborate hoax or prank I wouldn't be surprised.