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This is too funny. The writer claims this is a true story:

A parish was having frequent trouble with the microphone in the pulpit. As the priest got to the pulpit for the Gospel, he tapped the mic to test it. It was dead. The first words out of his mouth were "There's something wrong with this microphone." Since the congregation couldn't hear him, they all naturally responded, "And also with you!"

as seen on Catholic Pages
Ten Years Ago:
I was a newly minted graduate of Loyola and working for serf's wages at Value Line. Miserable job but I had fun.
Five Years Ago:
I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of First Born. He was less than a month away.
We had just moved into our house and I was working at JPMC.
One Year Ago:
Working at JPMC after a year and a half
One Day Ago:
I was rejoicing in the arrival of the new bed. The old one was based the Toquemada Edition by Inquisition.

One Hour Ago:
I was eating my lunch and talking to Devil In His Eye about going to school.

Five Favorite Snacks:
Dark Chocolate
Beef Jerky

Five Songs I Know the Words to:
The Fly by U2
Blind Hope by Son Volt
Time To Go by Black 47
Run by Collective Soul
Red Barchetta by Rush

What I would do with 5 Millon Dollars
A million each in trust funds for the kids. They wouldn't even know about them until they were 35 or so
A million for my retirement and spread the rest around. Family, charity, etc.
5 P…
Recruits Sought for Porn Squad. Yes, the Bush Administration had decided that now that we must focus on porn because:

The GWOT has been won
There is no public corruption
There are no kidnappings
There are no bank robberies
Our borders are secure
There is no organized crime
All infrastructure is secure

Good to know.
Michelle Malkin has checkmated Huffington. Please, not one more word from this woman. Ever. She flies in private aircraft, gets picked up in an SUV (with nary a mote of objection) to attend a SIERRA CLUB meeting! She lives in mansions that consume more energy in a month than my house does in a year. Arianna, pack up your Prius with your anti-Bush screeds and three fellow moonbats (if you can fit that many in your micro death trap and drive off the Santa Monica pier. Thank you.