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Core77 - Materials and Processes

This company has designed a plant that turns red in the presence of land mines. Genetic engineering at its finest. I think the anti-gmod/frankenfood people will be mighty conflicted by this one. Here is a plant that is certainly a gmod but could do wonderous good for people in impoverished nations like Cambodia who deal with landmines as a (very ugly) way of life.

Many problems of the past can only be cleaned up with the technology of the future
How Kerry whistleblower suffered for truth

I wanted to believe this one when I first read it but something about it just didn't sit right. I couldn't put my finger on it but my spidey sense was tingling.

He claims it was all about his politics. His company claims it had nothing to do with his politics. I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle more towards the company's side. They would be foolish to fire someone who had political leanings different from their own if he was a good worker. The cost of finding, training and spooling that person up to speed would be far too high to be so stupid. (Not that this makes his story impossible, just unlikely).

IMNHO, the moral of the story is that if a tale fits your biases just a little too perfectly, it's probably not true.
Telegraph | News | 1m Christians sign EU religion plea


now, the recreation of said post:

Is this the awakening of the Silent Majority (plurality maybe) in Europe?

American pundits have been shouting across the Atlantic that they have large and looming problems (a grave and gathering threat if you will, but not an immenent one). Their birthrate is below replacement levels and they are taking in large numbers of guest workers (Germany) and unbridled immigration (France, et al.). In the former case, this was done when Germany's economy was booming and they could not fill low wage jobs. With the union of East and West Germany, that is no longer a problem, nor is the Germany economy anywhere near booming. Now those guest workers are idle and living on the ample safety net that Germany has created. Likewise in France they have allowed many many "Magrev" or north African immigrants from places like Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. These immigr…