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Will someone please explain to me why a state with no helmet law (for motorcycles) has a seatbelt law? Further, whyinthehell are they going for this .08 DWI crap. Assinine. The head of MADD confessed that their stated goal is to make anything over .02 BAC a crime. Knowing full well they won't get there directly, it's more death of liberty by incrementalism. I bet the margin of error is greater than .02 on the breathalyzers. Comforting.
More great news. Got this from our internal watchdog types:

[i]We have been advised of a new identity fraud scam. A bogus letter, which appears to be from Chase, explains that completion of an attached IRS Form W-9095 (which is also bogus) will exempt certain individuals from federal withholding taxes on bank interest and other financial dealings. Information requested includes SSN, date of birth, mother's maiden name, bank relationships, account numbers, and PIN's.

Neither JPMorgan Chase nor the Internal Revenue Service have not sent this correspondence and form to anyone.

If you are aware of any customers who receive these documents, advise them not to complete them, and notify Jim at [redacted] or Walter at [redacted] of the Fraud Prevention and Investigation Department, citing the above warning number.

Please distribute this information throughout your organization. [/i]

and so I've included you, dear reader, on this also.
Ok, so I'm back. The newest member of the family has decided to let his parents sleep for a few hours straight per night. Not too bad. It's amazing what a difference 4 straight hours of sleep can do for you. Still tired but spirits high. Having a productive day today. I've finished 4 different mappings that were peer-reviewed and approved for migration! I know this sounds like nothing but it's a big deal b/c it's taken me forever to get to this point for various and sundried reasons. (I won't bore you with the details)

Interesting item from yesterday's Best of the Web (

One of These Things Does Not Belong
Here's interesting crop of headlines from budget stories yesterday:

*** QUOTE ***

"CBO Changes Budget Forecast Back to Black"-- Fox News,2933,47243,00.html

"Congressional Analysts See Surplus"-- ABC News