A glimmer of hope

IF ELECTED, OBAMA WILL BE MY PRESIDENT. This from a site self style "Rightwing Nuthouse". That they will jump on board after the election. Some would call that mymidionism. Slavish, blindly following the leader. Not so. Eight years of derision, scorn and abject hatred for George Bush has not just belittled the man but the office. That's what I think the Bush haters miss. The GOP did the same during the Clinton years. They railed against the man so much it damaged the office of the President. This is not good by any measure. I, like them, will support the duly elected leader. I may not like him or his policies and will raise a voice against them but I will not go all BDS like DU and their ilk. I urge Obama supporters to do the same if when he loses.


Mike W. said…
Great article. I may hate Obama's policies but I don't hate the man. I may not love the guy but I certainly don't hate him. If he becomes President I'll be happy for him and for the historical significance of it while at the same time hoping he doesn't do too much damage over the next 4 years.

Quite frankly I've never understood the incredible, vitriolic hatred of GWB by the left. Bush = The Devil and blaming him for everything imaginable has gotten pretty old. that and I don't understand how folks can so openly wish harm upon him. You may not like his policies but this is another human being with a family that we're talking about.
Hube said…
Obama will be my president too, if elected. I always hated folks who said Clinton "wasn't their president" and same w/Bush. Very disrespectful of the man and office.
Richard said…
I think you mean myrmidonism. Excellent word and because of seeing it here I will try to spice it into my conversations today.

George Bush is my president, I also disagree with much that he has done. That's the great thing about this country, you are allowed to do that. And then you can vote to change ti as well. Hard as it is I try to respect the office even if I disagree with the office holder.

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