Christ runs for 232 yards in Catholic victory -

Christ runs for 232 yards in Catholic victory

Yay Christ! I knew you could do it! Let's hear it for our Lord and Savior! W00t!

"It's a good opportunity for me to start and show myself as a junior and get my name out there," said Christ. "I just wanted to come out, pursue, win and do what needed to be done."

Christ did a tremendous job running downhill and when he took a hit, he seemed to accelerate. Christ scored on runs of 24, 1 and 51 yards the last bouncing off several would-be tacklers and sprinting to the end zone.

"If they don't wrap me, I'm just going to put my legs out and keep them moving," said Christ.

Being omnipotent must make it very hard to tackle him. I just thought he'd have a higher yards/carry average.


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