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Putting an end to polls

*Ring Ring*

I look at the phone and see an 888 number. A familiar number as they have been calling daily for my opinion on various things political.

I made the mistake of answering their questions the first time. It was a lark and I gave some serious and some absurd responses. Stupid me. That put me on the "This Idiot Will Actually Answer Our Questions" list.

*Ring Ring*

Mrs. Duffy: Don't answer that!
Duffy: I'm putting and end to this.
(answers phone)

Duffy: Hello?
Annoying Pollster: Hello sir, I'm doing a survey of voters in Delaware...
Duffy (interrupting): Oh, I can't vote, I'm a convicted felon
AP: there anyone else there who's a registered voter?
Duffy: Nope. We're all felons here. (SamnEric blast through the room at a full run and at full volume) And some pre-felons. This is a halfway house for predicate felon single fathers and their and their pre-felon children.

(at this Mrs. Duffy's eyes are as large as dinner p…

April is Autism Awareness Month


The Black Hills...

may be called that for another reason:

American Digest points to a domestic field that holds between 200 and 400 beeeeelion barrels of oil. This will, of course give Leftists apoplexy. Look for immediate legislation declaring these lands protected because the Black Hills Newt uses it as a breeding ground or some sort of Native American Heritage Site or whatever conveniently environmental restriction will keep us from ever using it. This same group will simultaneously rail against our dependence on "foreign oil" without a hint of irony.

LOLZ by Duffy


At the first sign of trouble, quit.

Last Thursday, Delaware Watch was asking; How's the Surge Going?

In typically snide fashion Dana is using his vast military experience and counterinsurgency knowledge to beat up on poor hapless David Petraeus.

"The truth of the matter is that the surge has never been working. The temporary lack of hostilities within Iraq has only created the appearance of success. But the real reason for the lack of hostilities has been that the various Shia factions found it in their political best interests to cease their hostilities and they had little, if anything, to do with addition of 33,000 more US troops in Iraq.

Now that the political situation has changed and hostilities have re-emerged, the facade of the surge's success has been removed"

So after about 11 minutes of shooting Dana wails and moans that all is lost and see I told you so. Or not.

Sadr orders followers to cease fire. Why would that be?

Back to Dana:

Part of the surge strategy was to strengthen the government, a g…