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Nearly a year?

Yes, it's been nearly a year since I posted here.  Hard to believe. There's is so much to say I hardly know where to begin.   I have been in a state of flux for so long it would take pages and pages of mostly boring synopsis of unemployment, semi-employment, under employment and now, mercifully employment.  Woo hoo.  Combine that with more than a few deaths in the extended family and an absolute roller coaster with our eldest.  In short, things have not been great.   It hasn't been all doom and gloom but there have been dark days.  Humorless days.  My kids are, and continue to be, the brightest stars in my sky.  I know how hackneyed and cliche it sounds to say that watching them grow and learn and figure things out is a wonder but it really is.  The way they are so alike and so completely different.  The way their brains work and so on. For those of you (Ha!  Those of you?  No one is reading this and you know it. -Ed) who have been here before probably remember that I h

Poetry for the day

Wars worse than civil on Emathian plains, and crime let loose we sing; how Rome's high race plunged in her vitals her victorious sword; armies akin embattled, with the force of all the shaken earth bent on the fray; and burst asunder, to the common guilt, a kingdom's compact; eagle with eagle met, standard to standard, spear opposed to spear. From Bellum Civile By Marcus Lucanus