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ohnotheydidnt: Best Movies Never Made

ohnotheydidnt: Best Movies Never Made

and the Top Ten unproduced scripts

Everything you ever wanted to know about street gangs but were afraid to ask for fear of being robbed and/or murdered.

Herewith is a two fisted fisking. I'm continually amazed that Britains willfully submit more and more to the leviathan of their government who now watches them on every street, deprives them of arms and even the right to defend themselves. I pray they come to their senses soon.

Racism is a cornerstone of gun control. I'll never understand why women and minorities are not the strongest advocates of gun ownership.

What massacre? These are not mistakes or errors. These are lies designed to undermine support for the war. People excoriate pols for their "lies" leading us into this war but are mute when it comes to war stories that are lies because they fit the "correct" narrative.

I demand you speak to me! However, if you do, I'll say nothing of our conversation.


Daily Roundup

11 Most Expensive Sh*t you'll never need

The perils of taking the nuclear option off the table.
Here's a really lethal combination. Telling the enemy that you are going after him with inadequate forces and then specifying in advance what the limits of your rules of engagement are.

7 Deadly sins of children's entertainment. I've never quantified these things but Parental Radar is very very sharp and it picks up on these things very quickly. Everything my kids watch is pre-screened by me or The Wife. The number of things that are cast out by this list is alarmingly high.

Is Al Qaeda ramping up operations in the US? Could be. Those on the Right will call for immediate deployment of anti-Terror squads to every corner of the nation. The Left will plug their ears and sing "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" Over and over again.

Highlights from the GOP debates. Read on if that is your wont. I'm not buying. Too friggin' early.

Anyone who says Al Qaeda is not one…

Eight Random Facts

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1. I'm left handed
2. I was in commercials as a kid
3. I have 19 first cousins
4. I have passed the Mensa entrance exam
5. I have no desire for fame and cannot understand the appeal of being famous.
6. Ironically, I find myself becoming more compassionate as I get older
7. I (used to) brew my own beer. Now I'm just too time poor.
8. I can speak, read and write French fluently.

I'm breaking the ru…