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Why the "green energy revolution" has been indefinitely postponed

Several local bloggers have been wailing and gnashing their teeth because their favorite boondoggle has not been sufficiently funded by the State of Delaware. I've long been skeptical of "green" or "renewable" sources. Most of them are net energy losers, are too expensive, do not scale or a combination of those. I believe the way to a cleaner energy source is to use much more nuclear energy. Thorium is plentiful, cheap and safe. It has its own drawbacks but they are far better than the alternatives. I also believe that we can use the resources we have more wisely and continually work on polluting less and less. I don't like the idea that we are so firmly wedded to a hydrocarbon economy from a risk standpoint more than anything else. In terms of resources usage we've been rather foolish and wasteful. There are many ways we could substantially improve our energy efficiency that we're not doing for various reasons. Some are political, some ae…

Look, I made a funny

Some ages ago, I received an email from a friend entitled "50 Questions For Men We Want Answered ASAP". I don't know the origin of this list but I answered them and meant to post the answers here. Blow the dust off and see if it makes you laugh.

50 Questions For Men We Want Answered ASAP

1. Did you really think those Super Bowl ads were funny?

Mostly no.

2. Why do you take so long pooping?

I may be the exception. Redirect, your honor? WTF takes you so long in the shower? Don't give me that "shaving my legs crap".

3. Why do you cup your balls so much?

Very comforting somehow. Don't ask me to explain it if you don't have the gear.

4. Bar soap or body wash?

Bar. Body wash is for chicks.

5. Why ask for my number if you’re not going to actually call?

Same reason you give guys a fake one when they ask.

6. Why the mindset that being in a long-term relationship is the end of fun?

Because we know people who are in them.

7. Why a…