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Alphabet Meme

The Alphabet Meme

[A is for age]: 30something

[B is for beer of choice]: Too many to list. Current favorites: 90 Minute IPA and Brooklyn Chocolate Stout

[C is for career]: IT guy

[D is for favorite Drink]: Beer, 'natch

[E is for Essential item you use everyday]: Computer

[F is for Favorite song at the moment]: Hmmm...Listening to

[G is for favorite Game]: Trivial Pursuit

[H is for Home town]: [redacted], NJ

[I is for Instruments you play]: percussion, some keyboard

[J is for favorite Juice]: Apple cider

[K is for Kids]: Four.

[L is for last kiss]: Every morning before I leave for work

[M is for marriage]: Yes, happily.

[N is for full Name]: Duffy, let's leave it at that.

[O is for Overnight hospital stays]: Tonsilectomy, birth of my children

[P is for phobias]: I have things that I have an aversion to but not a phobia about.

[Q is for quote]:

[R is for biggest Regret]: Like I'm gonna tell the whole world.

[S is for sports]: Football and Formula 1

[T is for Time you wake up]: 5:50 on…

User complaint of the day

"user has a license but cannot create users to find objects"

If anyone has any idea what this means, please let me know.

Half the girls I went to High School with were just like this.

If the man had half a brain, he'd tell her forget it, you don't get anything then. Ungrateful brat.

The future of Advertising

First it was A.I. with their interactive mystery game to promote the movie. (I followed this one pretty closely but didn't contribute anything to solving it. Seriously, the people involved had tons of free time and m4dd l337 sk1llz d00d.)

Now Microsoft got in the game with Vanishing Point. Very cool. Check out this video

and this wiki.

This is how you get eyeballs. It's not by shouting at people and hectoring them. Now that we have iPods we don't hear radio commercials (neither do those of us with Sirius). We have TiVo so there's no commercials there either. Internet commercials are relegated to the margins.

Reaching consumers now requires viral marketing and interest. I, for one, welcome this sort of change.

Pix of the wee bairn

This picture which you can't really see shows where my loving wife dug her nails into my arm when the epidural wasn't working.

Here's the nurse clamping and cleaning the cord.

Doctor's first comment: "He has big feet!"

He met his brothers later that day (yes, that's me in the foreground)

Monday Quick Notes

Some local bloggers propound to be atheists because science is reliable, nay, infallible. It is based on fact and is unchanging. Whereas faith, is anti-science and based on foolishness. To wit: we may have already found life on Mars and killed it. (Typical Americans).

Classical Values connects the dots showing Iran's inability to export gas to Turkey. That is very bad news for Iran. They need that hard currency coming in to keep them solvent. If this continues apace, look for that deficit to have an impact on Iran's mid and long term strategery.

The information war with the Jihadis takes a nasty turn. We are fortunate they were unmasked the first time out of the gate. Look for more of these in the future and cast a very skeptical eye upon them. What matters more is that this crap is not only lapped up by Al-Jazeera but the Arab world as well.

Nerd humor

How not to apply for a job in Dubai (or anywhere for that matter)

This is just gobsmacking. I literally don't know…