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So, I lost my yesterday. I was looking around my desk when my phone rang. It was the security desk person telling me someone had turned in my badge. I went down to collect it.

Me: "Hi, I just got a call that someone turned in my ID. I'm here to pick it up."

Him: "Can I see your driver's license?"

Me: "What for?"

Him (annoyed): "I need to confirm this is your ID"

Me (stunned): "But, my ID has my photo on it. Look at the picture, it's me."

Him: "I still need to see your license."

At this point I thought he had to be kidding me.

Me: "Seriously?"

Him (very annoyed now): Yes.

I was tempted to let this go on but I can only bang my head against the wall for so long.

Me: "here you go."

He looks at my license and hands it back to me along with my ID. He's also giving me that "I told you so" look.

These are the people that are supposed to be keeping our facility safe.
The unimpeachable source of Truth has a list of songs that make you gay. I've listened to some of these and managed to stay straight. I wonder if you have to listen to the whole list or perhaps repeating the songs over and over are required before you finally break and switch teams.
Senate may expand FCC regulations beyond broadcast media—will Christians regret it? Herewith is a well-reasoned critique of religious groups using the power of government. The author correctly surmises that granting power to government agencies is a precarious thing and should be done sparingly. Read the whole thing.
This just in... people judge others by appearance. Wow! Simply an amazing discovery. /sarcasm.
The American Spectator points to a kid who scooped both Vanity Fair and WaPo on the correct identity of Deep Throat. Who would have thought that American journalisms greatest secret was known and spilled by an 8 year old kid at summer camp.
Yale grades portray Kerry as a lackluster student. *Yawn*. This is not really news. I don't think Kerry is dumb nor do I think good grades = smart. Rather, he and the Pres. are scions of wealth and privilidge. So they screwed around in college and got by anyway. Big deal. The funniest part of the article is the continued spin about how Bush's grades were nearly identical. They could not deal with the issue on its own, they had to put Bush in there to minimize the impact.

Zing! I love it. I cannot abide Scientologist and their absurd notions of psychology as "pseudo-science". Can you name one thing more pseudo-scientific than Scientology?