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Why oh why?

Wife: Let's go shopping.
Me: For what?
Wife; Curtains.
Me: Why do I have to go?
Wife: Because I need your opinion!
Me: I don't have one, they're curtains and I'm a guy.
Wife: What if I buy something and you don't like it?
Me: I'm sure whatever you buy will be fine. If not, I promise not to complain.

[this continues for several minutes until I'm in the car and on the way to the curtain store]

Wife: How about these for the kitchen?
Me: Looks good.
Wife: You're not even looking at them!!
Me: (looking up from book I'm reading) Ok, now I am. They look great.
Wife: You're just saying that, you don't even care.
Me: That's true.
Wife: I don't know why I bring you
Me: (thinking) Me either
Wife: Next time I'm just going to go by myself and you can stay home!
Me: Good! That's what I've been asking for. We'll both be much happier that way.

Of course she always forgets and brings me along for the …