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Moonbat outs self

I thought it was a joke. It couldn't be real. This article by a woman who openly flaunts her moonbattery is actually doing the world a favor. I could have avoided a few cataclysmic dates if more women came with disclaimers like this one.

Jihad Explained with picutres

So it's the 14th.....

Happy Extortion Day!

Newark Plant Closing

The plan, announced Wednesday, also calls for closing the company's Newark, Del., assembly plant, and reducing shifts at plants in Warren, Mich., and St. Louis. A parts distribution center near Cleveland also will be closed.

I must confess, I'm surprised. I thought they were bluffing to extort tax incentives to stay. (Perhaps they were and Governor Doubtfire didn't bite.)

Leave predictions in the comments for what is expected to take the place of the current assembly plant.

[Expletive deted] this place it's B.S., I'm outta here

Al Sadr has fled Iraq with his tail between his legs:

Al Sadr Fled Iraq, Fearing U.S. Bombs
Insurgent Leader Reportedly Moved to Iran With Members of Mahdi Army

According to senior military officials, al Sadr left Baghdad two to three weeks ago and fled to Tehran, Iran, where he has family...

Sources believe al Sadr is worried about an increase of 20,000 U.S. troops in the Iraqi capital. One official told ABC News' Martha Raddatz, "He is scared he will get a JDAM [bomb] dropped on his house."

Mwahahahahaha! Run and hide you coward.


I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment so blogging will be light. OK, lighter than normal.