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I see that the National Right to Assemble is at it again; proving once more that, N R A stands of Non-Rational A*******. Most of us know that NRA types love their meetings, because it’s a substitute for caressing their having friends. They are literally circle jerk-offs. They are trying to destroy the country’s sensible crowd control laws, probably because they want to play out their John Wayne hero fantasies.

Apprarently, according to the N R A, if you don’t have a felony record, you are automatically an upstanding citizen, and all you need is a little training in the mechanics of crowd control, coupled with a few hours of megaphone instruction, and, you can be cut loose on humanity with a loudspeaker at you side. I got news for the N R A, and, any other idiot who thinks that more megaphones in the home or, on the street are necessary. You will soon discover that it will cause many more horrible problems than it will solve. Not having a felony record doesn’t mean a person has not comm…

Daily Roundup

I've not done this one in a while. So...back by (un)popular demand here we go:

Sarko beats SNCF unions. A huge, huge win for him. The transport unions are immensely powerful in France. Perhaps even more so than the trucker's union who regularly paralyze France every year. It was an interesting thing to see when I was there. There was always immediate sympathy for whomever was striking. Given that it took all of 9 days for the public to sour on the strikers and the SNCF was willing to cave so quickly is very serious indicator of how things have changed. I believe the ex-urban French have finally had it with the culture of laziness and sloth that has been part and parcel of French culture for decades. Look for Sarko's approval ratings to tank in the short term but rise steadily if he continues on this track.

New Pope aware that modern liturgical music is awful. Urges a return to the classics. This note will be of little interest to anyone in the DE Blogosphere who…

"The Law is an Ass"

That was the refrain from my Business Law professor. The one class I took that constitutes any sort of formal education I've had regarding law. That expression stuck with me and with good reason. I see it revealed on a regular basis. What do you say about a case where adults create a fake MySpace page for the sole purpose of deceiving and tormenting a 13 year old girl with mental problems? I'm sure you've heard about it by now. The entire story is here.

Synopsis: Two girls are friends, for some reason or another, they aren't friends anymore. Girl #2's parents create a fake MySpace page with a good looking boy who asks to be Girl #1's friend. After gaining her confidence, the fake boy insults and degrades Girl #1 mercilessly. So much so that she kills herself. The parents and teens responsible do nothing. They don't beg for forgiveness or turn themselves in to police. Instead, they continue to act like they are still friends with the dead girl…

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This one is more you than me.

Latest Poll Numbers

Our esteemed President is currently polling at 23% approval, nearly an all time low for any President. Meanwhile the Democratically controlled Congress is polling at 11% approval. 11 * 2 = 22 therefore, Bush is twice as good as Congress. Q.E.D.