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Socialism wins again!

Chavez pushes Venezuela into food war:

"The 'battle for food' coincided with a botched devaluation in January that pushed up the cost of imports.
The result has been an economic catastrophe in the only Latin American economy in recession. Inflation leapt to 21 per cent in May as food prices rose 41 per cent over the level of a year ago. Soldiers have been deployed to raid private homes for food stores. Long lines regularly form on streets for basic commodities.
Mr Chavez is undeterred by failure. Last week he relaunched a chain of supermarkets his government had expropriated from a French-Colombian joint venture. He boasted that the 40-strong chain, Bicentennial Supplies, was already operating at a higher profit margin that under Western management."

So to sum up:

1. Socialism has been a huge success despite massive failure
2. It has been so successful that 80,000 tons of meat were left to rot rather than be distributed or sold.
3. The theft expropriation has been so su…

Watch the last 30 seconds or so

Yeah but see he "cares about the little people"

Didja get that? The workers were sent home for unpaid leave so Chairman Zero can make a speech. Remember this next time he or his ilk talk about looking out for the interest of workers or some such claptrap.

Italy Training Camp

Even in flyover country

they're World Cup crazy.

Please no more nonsense about soccer being communist or whatever. Just stop, you sound like an idiot.

Why Soccer is awesome

The best goal I've ever seen. The best goal anyone has ever seen and very rarely talked about.

Seriously, the level of skill required to make this shot is insane. This is Michael Jordan scoring a full court shot over his shoulder while diving out of bounds to save a wayward pass.

And the crowd goes wild!

Landon Donovan's late goal lifts United States over Algeria, and into next round of World Cup

Story is good but the clip says it all. The unbridled joy when Donovan scores is awesome.

This man is trying to kill me

That's him.  He's trying to kill me.  He is the host Head Inquistitor of something called P90X.  This is a self torture video that is designed to maim but not kill you.  If you attempt to follow the entire regiment after years of inactivity you will be crippled (at least temporarily).  Allow me to explain.  In April I decided to get serious about dropping weight and getting into some sort of shape.  Some of you remember that I used to play soccer on Wednesday nights (nb:  Hube was too scared).  That was 2+ hours of running around every week.  Good for the calorie burn.  They closed the field as it was in terrible shape and wanted to "rest" it over the summer and that was the end of that.  The games never came back.  I had heard good things about the P90X program and decided (yesterday) to try it.  The good thing is, it's on video which makes it handy to follow along and its all plyometrics which means no weights to buy or lug around.  So far, so good.  The best p…


Happy tears for Donovan

Very well played. Can hardly contain my excitement. They were nearly robbed again as the Dempsey goal was called off despite clearly being on sides. The refs have it in for our team. Once is a fluke, two call that bad is not. The Germany/Ghana game starts in a minute. We want Germany to win this one so they play England and then we'll play Ghana. They play rough so the chances for injury are higher but Germany is a very powerful team. One we want to avoid as long as possible.

Attention South Africa

Put down your stupid horn and try this:

California is insane. Example #3,476,221

Official state rock is bad for your health, state senator says

Sen. Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles, has proposed legislation to strip serpentine of its title because exposure to chrysotile asbestos, a cancer-causing mineral inside it, can increase risk of lung disease, she says.

I suppose if you stopped smoking them you'd be fine. I swear Californians will smoke everything except tobacco.

Romero's legislation would leave the state without an official state rock.

ZOMFG!!!!11!1! How will they go on?

Sometimes it's a tax, sometimes it isn't

Remember that? Taking money by force of law for public goods are not a tax. Emphatically not.

"I absolutely reject that notion."

Now, that notion is no longer rejected. Rather, it's the basis for a motion to dismiss a Florida lawsuit. Now it's a tax again because they have the power to tax but the power to compel the purchase of goods and services is much more circumspect. That this is now a tax either requires Obama to direct the DOJ to drop the motion or the MSM to note this is a plain violation of his pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class. I'm not holding my breath for either one.

We've arrived in Crazytown

If this is to be believed:

We've arrived in crazytown. This is the stuff of North Korea. The Dear Leader had a hard week so he's going golfing (for what, the 6th time in 60 days of this crisis) and it's for your own good. It benefits all America when The One partakes in leisure. If that is so, let him sit out the next four years and stop fucking things up. I suppose that would benefit all Americans.

Some fresh outrage from P.J. O'Rourke

Enough, however, of outrageous statistics. Let’s generate some pure outrage. Here’s my proposal: Close all the public schools. Send the kids home. Fire the teachers. Sell the buildings. Raze the U.S. Department of Education, leaving not one brick standing upon another and plow the land where it stood with salt.
In the article on Education in the 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, I found this quaint description of the subjects studied at a typical American high school: “Latin, Greek, French, German, algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, physical geography, physiology, rhetoric, English literature, civics and history.” Or, as we call them nowadays, a smattering of Spanish, Fun With Numbers, Earth in the Balance, computer skills, Toni Morrison, safe sex, and multicultural studies.

I have a brief with this paragraph:
“Wouldn’t closing the public schools eliminate valuable programs targeted for disabled students?” Yes. As of 2007, there were 6,007,800 children and young …

Again with the "imagine if it were...."

Embed not working

Imagine if any Fox News outlet said they were working on something with the administration. Especially the previous one.

Seriously, we're paying attention now. While I appreciate your honesty it's ponderous that you have no shame in working for the Executive Branch. Taking what they're saying a gospel truth rather than, you know, that whole "speaking truth to power" crap you're always on about.

Time to push the panic button?

For Democrats the answer is yes according to The New Republic. He cites some solid reasons but really even if he's completely right it's not going to be another 1994. It will be enough to blunt Obamas further efforts are massive, drastic changes. It will also make his favorite activity (Blame Someone Else) that much easier. It will take the pressure off for the True Believers who will be able to stay safe and warm in their cocoon of belief. It will ensure Obama runs in 2012 and likely defeat. That's a long way off but I think this Gulf fiasco is turning his most ardent supporters toward re-evaluation at least. I'd wager even the redoubtable LGOMB and Kavips have doubts they won't publicly air. In fact, Kavips posted one not too long ago that reeked of whistling past the graveyard. November is a few months away and any sort of predictions are very very early (That doesn't seem to stop you -ed). If things continue apace November could be very bad for De…

When athletes were heroes

Manute Bol is dead at 47. He was known mostly for his enormous size. I remember him as one of the first seven footers in the game indeed he is reputed to be the tallest player ever to play in the NBA. He was a tireless activist for peace in Sudan. He made millions but spent most of it in Sudan trying to help the people there. He even once incurred a $25,000 penalty for skipping two exposition games while attending a peace conference in DC. He is survived by his second wife and ten (!) children. The NBA could use a few dozen more like him.