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This is on my Christmas list.
Cities in ruins

Some cool photoshop pix.
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I don't know whether this is funny or sad. Probably the former and maybe a little of the latter.

Glass ceiling? What glass ceiling?
Flirting With Disaster - The vile spectacle of Democrats rooting for bad news in Iraq and Afghanistan. By Christopher?Hitchens

This one is classic Hitchens. He's one of those guys I just can't nail down. He's a socialist, or at least he was. He still believes in redistribution but knows full well the very serious threat we face. He rightly points out that to be against America in the GWOT is to stand with Imperialism. I really don't think most lefitst understand that. They truly believe that the threat is distant and abstract. They believe that we could prevent the whole war by just listening to their grievances. This is pure lunacy. I can't find the quote now but one of them said "We are not bombing you so that you will give us something, we are bombing you to annihilate you." There is no negotiation. There is no middle ground. There is only, as Orlana Fallaci says, "War until the last breath."

So. Very. Cool. (hat tip: Boing Boing