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Strong Truths, Well Lived

When I was in my last semester at College, I lived off campus which was a rarity for students. My school is penned in on various sides by neighborhoods that have stood for 60 years or more. There are also ordinances that preclude students from turning said houses in to dens of iniquity. Age and ownership restrictions are the primary means. As I was abroad for my previous semester I wasn't involved in housing selection so I rented a room in a house purchased by a recent grad. She seemed nice enough and I couldn't possibly be any closer to the school. It was literally one house away from campus.
Through one of those fluke scheduling things I moved in before I met our other housemate, Matt. He was always at work when I was at class and vice versa. I finally met him after about 4 days. We were sitting on the porch enjoying a beer and the warm weather. I went into the kitchen for another round and I heard a rich baritone voice that I didn&#…