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Daily Roundup

A Day In the Life of An Ambulance Driver. Very moving accounts of the yeoman's work that medics do and for which they are not properly recognized. Read the whole thing and be thankful that's not you today.

The Chinese do not screw around. I've been told time and again that fighting terrorism only breeds more terrorism. This same group wants to treat terrorism as a police matter not a national security one. Extending that logic to it's foregone conclusion, fighting crime only begets crime so we must not fight crime I suppose. I anxiously await Democrats blaming Hu Jintao for creating thousands upon thousands of terrorists.


“We lost a few people but we killed - I don’t know exactly - thousands of them. These people know our strength. We taught them a good hard lesson.”

Rebiya Kadeer, a Uighur businesswoman and politician now in exile, says she saw a horrific police video of the “good hard lesson” when she went to Yining in 1997 to investigate. It showed unarme…

Iron Man first look

Ya know, some people claim to be Iron Man fans but that's the second time I've scooped him...

Uncomfortable questions

Steven Pinker is asking uncomfortable questions:

In my hubris, I'm going to attempt to answer them. Snap judgments to follow:

Do women, on average, have a different profile of aptitudes and emotions than men?

Absolutely yes

Were the events in the Bible fictitious -- not just the miracles, but those involving kings and empires?

Unknown. I believe they are not and there is ample evidence from archeology that much of it is accurate per contemporary accounts.

Has the state of the environment improved in the last 50 years?

Yes and no. It's not zero sum. Much of western China was undeveloped (or unspoiled if you prefer) but many many parts of the US is less polluted.

Do most victims of sexual abuse suffer no lifelong damage?

I don't know but I sincerely doubt it. If anything is going to damage you for life that would probably be it.

Did Native Americans engage in genocide and despoil the landscape?

Yes. Their barbarism towards each other existed long before paleface showed up.

Do men …

Daily Roundup

Sex is a private matter unless you're a democrat. There's a bit of snark there. I happen to agree that the Senator should resign. His acts were criminal and made him subject to blackmail. Not to mention I happen to believe that people of low character in one area of their life do not confine their perfidity there. If you are willing to lie to your wife about infidelity, you're much more likely to use your Senatorial position to enrich yourself illegally or at least game the system to skirt the law.

Rod Dreher is losing his religion. I confess that I too, stood on that precipice and looked into the abyss. Ultimately after a great deal of soul searching I stayed but it was, by no means, an easy decision.

In other news, here's the paleocon view on how to end the war successfully.

Should there be a Jihad Sedition law
. I find this argument not only persuasive but compelling. Advocating sharia is no different than any other form of theocracy. I would add that to the …