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MSNBC - Foreigners enter Iraq for "martyr" missions

I've had a running arguement for ages now with a leftie on a board I frequent. He argues that those fighting the coalition forces are a broadly supported group of Iraqis with a smattering of imports. I've always contended that while there are a fair number of Iraqis (Ba'athist dead-enders and the like) even more are likely to be foreigners. The Islamofascists sent their varsity team to Afghanistan where they were thoroughly routed. They then moved on to Iraq where they were, again, thoroughly routed. Now that most of them are dead or on the run, they're calling for re-inforcements and aid from the Chechens et al. The intercepted letter (no link due to laziness) said they were abandoned by their Muslim bretheren who were allowing their fellow Muslims to be slaughtered by the "tens of thousands". I think that last bit might just be hyperbole. I do, however, believe they are on the losing side…
Israeli officer: I was right to shoot 13-year-old child

This guy should be subject to a drumhead trial and shot. I was literally queasy when reading this. What type of man could do such a thing? All evidence points to a scared, lost and confused child. The man is a monster.
Thank Goodness for Trade Deficits

Great article on the basics of trade defecits explained in layman's terms. I've tried to explain this many times but could never come up with a simple and elegant way as the author did.