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It's 1941 all over again. When the right wingers were decrying Iran for being run by fascists, the Left told them they were hot headed and excitable. It's all just gamesmanship and so on. Are they still going to make that claim?
How Celebrities Go Bankrupt. I've always wondered about this. Artists rarely have any sort of pecuniary acumen but I thought they'd be clever enough to put the money with some reliable investment bank with a long history like BBH, JPMC, or Solomon or something.
Blogs are unreliable. They don't have editors and they don't check their sources. Not so the MSM. Right?
Mothers Day Picture. It's funny because it's true.
Tell me again, which party is the Party Of Hate?

Yes, I know this is just one example of one kook who doesn't represent the party, blah blah blah.
Cameras set racial poser on car crime. So....let me get this straight. A computer system is being investigated for racial profiling? Riiight. I read stories like this and I have to believe there's something in the water over there. What lunatic would investigate this? How could you possibly ascribe any motive to a computer system?
Stephen Colbert was the media darling for taking shots a the President at the Press Dinner. I thought he was hit and miss. Some of it was funny and some of it rang hollow. (Disclosure: I generally like him and his show) Meanwhile, this video shows that nobody skewers the President better than he skewers himself. Very well done.
This is getting a bit derivative but given these guys are probably really bored, who can blame them. Watch Lazy Ramadi
Mammoth Extinction Caused by Trees. Stupid trees always ruin everything.

Truly this is an environmentalist nightmare. Do you kill the trees to save the Mammoths?