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The Trouble with Beinart, Part III - Are our troops fighting for gay marriage? By Mickey?Kaus:

Has Hillary committed any 'intimate transgressions'? We'll soon find out! Hasn't Bernard Kerik performed a huge service for journalism (and the Republican party)? Because of his sacrifice, we now have a dramatically lowered standard for when the New York Times will report the intimate details of public figures' private lives. Kerik was having 'clandestine love affairs' in a Battery Park City apartment he apparently paid for. The Times first reported these 'intimate transgressions'--and named one of Kerik's partners, Titian-tressed titan Judith Regan--even after Kerik had withdrawn from consideration as Homeland Security secretary citing an illegal-nanny problem. ... Somwhere, Jeffrey Toobin is turning over in his grave. Toobin argued absurdly that a politician's sex life is off limits to journalists' because it 'tells you absolutely nothin…