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Ex-spy fingers Russians on WMD I wish we'd heard this before the war started. If we had better SIGINT, ELINT and HUMINT in the region, we never would have been at the game this long. When will the dossier be released?
Lastly, here's one about Bustemente and MEChA. I said they were a hate group and then retracted that after I read some stuff my lefty friend had posted. Now, I'm somwhere in the middle

Looks like I spoke to soon. While it does appear benign on its face I do think there are aspects of MECHa that are clearly troubling. It appears as if they're trying to tame their radical beginings or at least be more subtle about their aims. That firebrand rhetoric probably attracted alot of attention in the late 60's, it doesn't sell well today. More than likely there are som chapters and members who are radical sepratist and racist and other who just want to get some money from the school for some social events. I do think Bustamente needs to repudiate their more radical members and explain his views on things like that. He won't, however, because no one is going to ask. Sure as sh!t, he's not going to risk the chardonnay and limosine white liberals by endorsing th…
Here's a second post from the same forum but a differen thread. This one is also about CA politics but mostly about left and right and right wing conspiracies

Eric (1950 posts)
21-Aug-03, 03:37 AM (EST)
"Vast Right Wing Conspiracies"
When Hillary C. coined this term, I winced. It was a rather inane statement, and played right into the hands of her detractors. Now, when any criticism is levelled at the right, the pat response is "Oh yes, the vast right wing conspiracy," as if right wingers can do no wrong, and certainly not band together to target a certain individual or cause.

Certainly they can do wrong. They do it all the time. However, I very much doubt they have a weekly conference call that organizes the attack strategy and the targets and so on. I seem to remember a number of Democrat talking points coming out of Carville and Blumenthal's offices. Would you consider them part of a vast left wing conspiracy?

But that no longer amazes me. Wh…
I've been posting to a forum wherein I've been debating with a lefty from California (where else?) about the nature of the problems California has and the recall effort. My comments are in italics

In 2000, the bubble burst. The population continued to increase, but the state began to lose jobs. Revenues declined, but the pressure on infrastructure, social services, and government functions did not.

More accurately, Davis increased spending as revenues increased rather than restrain himself. Had he any forethought he would have hedged against a market downturn and acted more responsibly.

The problem was aggravated in 2002 when the deregulation of power, worked out behind back doors between a Republican governor and industry pimps, and rolled over all but a handful of Democrats in the legislature with nary a hearing in which consumer or environmental advocates could provide input. The result was a one sided "deregulation" in which prices were artificially propped up b…