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Filling the vacuum

“I may live one year or 15, but I will live free.” This woman sounds like an American. Or at least the spirit we used to have.

Bear with me here as I go out on a bit of a limb.

As a libertarian, I am required (but not by law, zing!) to point out that this is a prime example of spontaneous order. The government is unwilling or unable to stop these guys. The locals have been mistreated and murdered to the point that they've had enough and have decided to take matters into their own hands. The cartels have created a problem for themselves. If the locals no longer fear death since they think they're going to die anyway, what then? The cartels are going to have a hard time of it. The locals are not constrained by the law now. They are now playing by local rules. Cartel rules. The government agents may kill them but mostly they won't. They'll try to arrest them which is nothing. The locals know they're playing for keeps and are acting accordingly.


Sean Thomas Lugano

Today's the day. Nine years gone and the rest of our lives to go.

This blog honors Sean Thomas Lugano

I knew Sean casually. We went to college together and were on the rugby team together. He was much better than I was. He was very fast and much stronger than he looked. Sean was one of those guys who was reserved but very funny. He wasn't one of those guys who garnered attention by being outrageous or demonstrative. He was just there, always with a smile and quick with a laugh or a joke. He took a lot of flack in college because of his modeling career. He used to model to make money for college and the idea of a rugby player being a model seemed absurd. The only commercial I ever saw him in was for The Gap and ironically, he was playing rugby in the commercial. That seemed to redeem him somewhat in the eyes of his teammates and we didn't rib him much after that.

I didn't know Sean well enough to keep in touch with him after college. Occasionally, I'd see him in th…