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Not feeling it today

no posts likely until I do.

Simply loathesome

I've always attempted to debate with those who disagree with me. That is, to disagree without being disagreeable. I always try to assume the best motivations and intentions of others.

I've avoided anything approaching a flame war on my blog or others. (Largely absent here as one needs readers and/or comments to have such a thing)

Jason at DelawareLiberal had two of the most risible, unhinged, despicable posts in two days. First he libels General Petraeus. A man with an impeccable record and impugns the honor of a man who has spent 30+ years defending this country. Simply disgusting. He also libels the President but that's a daily event there so nothing new. He also demonstrates bottomless ignorance on even the most basic rules of the military regarding legal and illegal orders.

Second, he puts our nation on par with mass murderers. That's right. You and I are no different than 19 evil murders who set out to kill as many people as possible. No distinction for …

Sean Thomas Lugano

Reprint from last year

Today's the day. Five Six years gone and the rest of our lives to go.

This blog honors Sean Thomas Lugano

I knew Sean casually. We went to college together and were on the rugby team together. He was much better than I was. He was very fast and much stronger than he looked. Sean was one of those guys who was reserved but very funny. He wasn't one of those guys who garnered attention by being outrageous or demonstrative. He was just there, always with a smile and quick with a laugh or a joke. He took a lot of flack in college because of his modeling career. He used to model to make money for college and the idea of a rugby player being a model seemed absurd. The only commercial I ever saw him in was for The Gap and ironically, he was playing rugby in the commercial. That seemed to redeem him somewhat in the eyes of his teammates and we didn't rib him much after that.

I didn't know Sean well enough to keep in touch with him after college. Occasionally,…

Kevin Cosgrove

Yet another update

More on the previous post on the bin Laden/Leftist rhetoric locus:

David Broder of the NYT agrees with me.

Quote of the Day

As heard in an interview with Dennis Miller:

"Buying carbon offsets is like going on a bender and flinging money out the window as you drive by an AA fundraiser" - Ed Begley Jr.

As much as I carp on "greenstanders" I have no brief w/ Ed. He's been walking the walk since the 1970's.

Lyrics of the day

Daily Roundup

Old Blighty stirs. I think anti-gun sentiments have reached their nadir and will be rolled back as the increased Islamic immigration and increases in violent crime continues.

Following up on my post from Friday, The New York Times omitted any mention of the details lest people draw conclusions.

"Listen to your generals." but only if they get the correct answer. Otherwise;
you dismiss them as
"dead flat wrong". Heads I win, tails you lose.

Listen to them but if you do you're "hiding behind the General"

Troops out NOW! (if by now you mean "in 5 years")

Don't question their patriotism when the deride or slander US troops.Only they are permitted to question people's patriotism.

Backpedaling is so passe, instead it's historical revisionism!

Tattoos that function as birth control. Oh, the humanity!

Picking on celebrities for being dumb is not uncommon for me. Their own words and actions are frequently proof enough. However, not all of t…