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The moment of the night

Last night's debate featured a point that most people are just glossing over but was, to me, the key.  I'm clearly not the only one who noticed (c.f. the link above) but I'm not seeing a lot about it.

Bloomberg decried communism and Warren and Sanders audibly gasped, and the audience jeered.  Seriously.  That happened.  When Klobuchar jumped in to defend capitalism there was total silence from the crowd.  This is, to me, the key moment of the night.  All the bullshit about how they're not socialists but democratic socialists is now gone.  They did not, in any way, decry communism or defend capitalism.  I would have expected something along the lines of "not crony capitalism" or "not for the corporations but for the people" type defenses.  Nope.  Nothing.  Trust me, Wall Street noticed that.  They will back Bloomberg but everybody else on that stage just closed their campaigns to Wall Street Money.  Klobuchar doesn't matter because she's not …

Democrat VP options

Serious question:  Setting aside who wins the nomination, who will be the VP candidate?  After last night's debate it will be no small thing to figure out who will be able to work together.  Is there another candidate somewhere angling for the spot?  I don't see Hillary taking second banana here.  Even with Bloomberg.  I think he's the DNC's candidate and frankly a stand in for Hillary as far as I can see. 

To me, I see a real chance the Democrats tear themselves apart in this one.  If they nominate Bernie, I expect him to lose in a Mondale sized landslide.  That will tear the party apart.  If they nominate Bloomberg to appease both Wall Street and Silicon Valley, the Crazy Wing of the party will be in open revolt and could split off to form a Labor party or Democratic Socialist party and drop the pretense of being Democrats and go full Socialist.  I'm not sure how that plays out.  That would ensure they don't win for a long time but the effect on the GOP would…

Articles with titles that are questions

One of the rules you can always rely on is that if any news story starts with a question, the answer is always no. 

"Is something in your kitchen killing you?"  Read the article and it will be "well, no but you clicked on this so joke's on you"

I'm a fan of American Thinker  but...they did just as described above.  Stupid me, I fell for it.  Probably because its the first time they've done this that I  remember. 

In an article entitled "Will Ireland be United?" They discuss the recent election results and the surprising gains made by Sinn Fein the nationalist party that was (or is, depending on your point of view) the political wing of the IRA.  Inevitably, the article ends thusly:  "All the same, considering the differences, it is unlikely that a united Ireland will emerge in the near future.  Someday the unity will come, and how thrilling that moment will be, but at the moment, it doesn't stand a ghost of a chance."

Ugh.  Ok, th…

Search results

So, I was just looking at the stats page and I learned a few things.  First, that I'd reach more people if I gave up blogging and went back to yelling at people on street corners and public parks.  (I'd probably get more feedback too).  Second, the search results that bring people here are as follows:

Search KeywordsEntryPageviews graphs on school uniforms 89

Flotstam and Jetsam

First up, Coronavirus.  One rule of media is that if the media is telling you to freak out about something, you can safely ignore it.  If a news story ever opens with "authorities are urging calm tonight" then SHTF and it's time to freak the fuck out. 

The middle road is silence.  The media frequently ignores stories that are international as they (rightly) believe we have little interest in things outside our own borders. 

However, there is another type of silence and that's when they're told by The Powers That Be to keep quiet.  When Ebola was breaking out when Obama was President he told them to pipe down because they were scaring people and moreover, because they didn't have a plan to deal with this problem.  They duly complied and we all got lucky when it mutated into a less transmittable version of itself.

Now that Wuhan shows little sign of slowing down and frankly, I don't trust a single number coming out of China's official media.  I suspect …