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10 Things I Hate That Everybody Loves - Considered

I don't read Taki's magazine often but occasionally something comes into view that is worth reading and even commenting. Exhibit A: 10 Things I Hate That Everybody Loves:

I know you're dying to know how I feel about each of these so here we go.

1. Cigars. Actually, I do like cigars. The problem is that they are too expensive and I'm not going to smoke at home or in front of my kids. That leaves me with approximately zero opportunity to smoke them. Plus, for me, they're a social thing. Many a good evening has been over cigars which seems to put people in a bit more of a contemplative mood.

2. Fancy Scotch. Have to agree here. I like the idea of scotch more than the stuff itself. I never really developed a taste for it. I like it ok but I can't tell one from another or what flavors I would look for if ordering one.

3. Sports. Playing or watching? Big difference. I like playing soccer but again, I'm rather time poor. I do like watching foo…