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Oh the humanity

Seriously, this is horrifying.

Daily Roundup

Just a thought...

So, you all remember my whining about the dishwasher, right? Well after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the new one has finally been installed. Yesterday. The bill arrived...a week ago. The salesman had assured me that it would take three days to deliver, a week at the most. Rube that I am, I believed him. It took 9 days. Sorry, nine business days. Weekends apparently don't count. I called and suggested they put the billing people in charge of product delivery and vice versa. He didn't see the humor.

Lastly, The VeryBigDishwasher company and I have come to an agreement on the previous item that gave up the ghost. Part of the agreement was that I not blog about the terms of, or discussion with, said company. The matter was resolved to our mutual satisfaction. I can say that a few key words known well to CSR's were effective. Some of those words may be:

Steve Jobs

Your Daily Zen


I am not making this up.

beep beep boop boop

Phone Lady Voice: "Welcome to audix please enter extension and pound sign."

beep boop boop boop

Phone Lady Voice: "Login incorrect. please enter extension and pound sign."

beep boop boop boop

Phone Lady Voice: "Login incorrect..."

Duffy: grrr.....

beep beep beep boop.

Duffy: Hey.

Duffy's Team Partner: What's up?

Duffy: Is the password for the support mailbox beep boop boop boop?

Duffy's Team Partner: Yeah, why?

Duffy: It's telling me it's incorrect.

Duffy's Team Partner: Let me try. [repeat procedure as above] Hmm...doesn't work.

Duffy: Ok, let me call the phone guy

Evil Phone Guy: Hello?

Duffy: Phone guy?

Evil Phone Guy: Yeah.

Duffy: Hey, I'm trying to log into my mailbox but it's saying incorrect. I didn't change the password.

Evil Phone Guy: Did you try calling the number?

Duffy: No.

Evil Phone Guy: Try that first.

Duffy: Why?

Evil Phone Guy: Just try that first

boop boop boop boop


Department of Selective Outrage

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