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Daily Roundup

Quote of the Day

"The Democrats in the Senate need to explain how making Iraq into a "Darfur" is good for Iraqis or Americans."

Dulcenea commits suicide

I was telecommuting yesterday. Eldest was in school and the wife took the other three on a play date down in The Free State which meant she'd be gone all day. At lunch I had to run some errands so I was gone for about 40 minutes. When I came back, I went to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. I look down and the floor is wet. The liquid on the floor is vaguely pink. The cabinets on either side of the puddle on the floor are also wet. WTF?

I look up to see if this has somehow come from the ceiling. No, bone dry there. The window is too far away...

Leaking sink? Not sure. I tentatively touch the liquid and brace myself as I smell it.

It's sweet. Almost sickly sweet. Looking over I see the countertop is soaked.







Then I remember I bought a Dulcinea watermelon at the Stupid Market the other day as they were on sale. (Basically, it's just a small watermelon. The name is just a marketing thing so you don't feel bad spending 5 buc…

Damn You Global Warming MCMXLVIII

Snow in Buenos Aires
NBC gets is all wrong. On purpose.

They were given all the proof they needed to know that the story they were going with was flat out wrong. Lisa Meyers' abject fear mongering is the worst sort of journalism. It proves, once again, that the media has no interest in accuracy only sensationalism.

Small wonder I don't trust word one coming from the mainstream media about Iraq.

Hard choices

Al Gore is going on about "hard choices" required to save the planet. Apparently, you're the one that's going to be making them, not him. He was asked directly by Inhofe if he would change his habits to use no more energy than the average American household and he changed the subject to talking about paying more for "green energy". That is, he gets a pass because he can afford it and the energy he buys is somehow zero emissions. Poppycock. Even if we believe his claim of zero emissions, that means only that he is using much more available green energy than the normal user. That leaves less available for others to use which forces them to use non-green energy sources. In effect, he forces others to pollute in order to keep his lifestyle. Ignore the portion of the video talking about the Bush ranch and it's environmentally friendliness. Take this issue on it's own. It is absurd on it's face to talk to me about conserving energy and maki…
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Daily Roundup:

Iraqi FM: Turkey massing 140,000 troops. This can't be good news. Nations do no mass troops lightly. I presume their major beef is with the Kurdish rebel groups in northern Iraq. Perhaps their diplomatic efforts have not been as fruitful as they would have liked so they're resorting to "diplomacy by other means" as they say.

News Flash: Executive branch is co-equal with Congressional branch! Who knew?

Colin Powell's flip-flopping on the war with Iraq. As Ken Layne's dictum goes that with the internet, "we can fact check your ass".

Did Rumsfeld scrub a mission to grab Al-Qaeda's #2 man? Interesting if true. I can certainly see the rationale for scrubbing a mission that includes large Ranger elements. A 8 man SEAL team carries plausible deniability that evaporates when hundreds of Rangers start dropping out of C-141s. On the other hand, National Review…

Title Of The Song

Cheney Declares Himself National Monument

NYT Takes Hit at Thompson’s Wife

NYT Takes Hit at Thompson’s Wife. They must be worried about this guy. Tammy Bruce nails it in the first salvo. Where are the feminists decrying the attacks on this woman? Where are the liberals calling for an end to the "politics of personal destruction"?