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it's all about control

What's the one question that can derail any Democrat running for office:

The answer is ALWAYS bigger government and MORE taxes. Nothing but nothing is ever left to the people or the market. It's all about control folks.

Adana El Nusra operation: 2 pounds sarin gas found - Radical Turkey

Adana El Nusra operation: 2 pounds sarin gas found: "Adana Security Directorate, which began after the massacre of Reyhanlı connected with the organization Al-Qaeda and the accused is detained in an operation against Al Nusra Front and addresses of two kilograms were seized in the sarin gas."

OK so Al-Qaeda linked groups are now taking WMDs out of Syria. They keep crossing that red line and nothing changes.

The Charm of New Jersey

Non-Americans of reddit, what aspect of American culture strikes you as the strangest? : AskReddit: "As a Texan currently abroad, it makes me so sad to not have this. When I'm walking somewhere, if we make eye contact there needs to be a friendly gesture! A nod, a smile, whatever. Its so weird when they just glare at you."

Which prompted the following response:

"You should never come to New Jersey."