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John Edwards' campaign is going nowhere. He's not going to be the nominee and won't even get a VP nod this time around. However, his campaign just put one in the X ring with this spot:

That parsing is what Americans are sick of. We've been through it for years and I personally, cannot stomach it any longer. Combine this constant non-answering triangulation with her fundraising questions and she may be headed for a flameout. I don't know if Obama is ready for prime time but he's the anti-Hillary. He's aware of his own shortcomings, he's thinking about questions asked not just accessing the soundbites his handlers have pounded into him and he seems genuine. Either he's a straight shooter or the best actor I've ever seen. I'm putting my money on the former. At this point, if it has to be someone winning the nod from the Dems, I hope it's him.

Question of the Day

If you could go back in time and tell yourself exactly four words (no stock tips or lottery numbers) and you knew your previous self would take that advice, what would you say?

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