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Ok, it's an Axis of Evil update. Time in Asia has a special report on a Special Autonomous Region that will essentially be a section of the country that is entirely independant. Call me skeptical. Here's the link:

Essentially it will be a separate region of the country supposedly devoid of any influence from the DPRK and Kim's cadre. How they plan on convincing the world that the most paranoid, brutal, tyranical dictator is going to have market capitalism and foreign investment dollars within his reach and not make a grab for some (if not all) of it is beyond comprehension. A regime that has resorted to counterfeiting, drug running , concentration camps (see here and here) and assorted othernefarious activities to ensure their survival is going to hold the door while Chinese and Japanese investors bring goods and cash in and out? Pft!

I do not mean to understate the implications this move has. It is clearly a signal that the Chinese have convinced Kim (along …