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A very sobering read. Why is Mao given a pass in the pantheon of genocidal dictators? Sure Hitler gets more press for his proximity and Stalin usually brings in the number two spot. Pol Pot always seems to get the bronze. These guys are pikers compared to mao. Mao: the ugly reality behind an icon | : "...Mao must have firmly believed this. There is little else that could explain his tranquility in the face of the suffering triggered by his policies. Jung and Halliday estimate that [b]he caused the deaths of 70 million Chinese.[/b] 'There are 2.7 billion people in the world,' he once calculated at a world summit with other Communist leaders. [b]'One-third could be lost; or a little more, it could be half ... I say that, taking the extreme situation half dies, half lives, but imperialism would be razed to the ground and the whole world would become socialist.'"[/b] So...the operations was a success but now the patient is dead.
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How many of these do you remember? I forgot about a lot of these. Chutes Away! Ha! I used to love that game. Kids have no idea how lame our toys were when I was growing up. (cranky and old much?)
Great article. Read the whole thing
The debate continues: Emirati: I dont think my conclusions were that astray really, perhaps a bit in some of my conclusions, but as a whole i think the picture i paint is pretty accurate, but we can always agree to disagree America was isolationist before WW1 and WW2. I state that in my post. I agree no one can take on america, currently. I think that china will overcome the problems that they are facing and should be by 2025, a very powerful force to reckon with. Possibly one capable of defeating the Americans. I dont know about the benefit to the American Infrastructure and the capabilities when you export technical jobs outside, encouraging less arts and more scientific disciplines. (Remember one of the reasons the US in WW2 was so powerful was the large amount of technical personell who were unemployed and reorganized into the American economy. The Chinese still need alot of time to reorganize themselves and their economy Do you view the Israeli security situation in the mid
I read Emirati's blog regularly. He has an interesting perspective and picks topics that are often very engaging. His latest post , however, seems to me to be off the mark. I think he makes some huge leaps of logic that are unsubstantiated and unlikely. I posted the following in the comments: When was America an isolationist state? We've been intervening all over the globe since I was born. We haven't been isolationist in any meaningful sense since the late 1930's. (There was some sort of bombing or other in Hawaii that put an end to that). How do you define "peak"? The US military is more powerful than ever as is our economy. We are engaged in a war but our economy has not suffered. No nation on Earth can stand with us in terms of military, economic or cultural influence. Not even China. They have a huge army but their training and equipment are poor. Moreover their naval power and technological implementation pale in comparison. Japa