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Around the Horn Friday

Alright folks, belly up to the bar. Give the barman a nod and guaranteed he'll know your favorite. We buy in rounds here as friends do. Pints only or perhaps a whiskey . No foofy mixed drinks and absolutely nothing ending in "tini" First round from Tommywonk with his post about how about this on how to get something done in Leg Hall . Our man Tommy is even quoted (again) in The New Journal. This is a fine example of why government should be at the lowest possible level. It gives the electorate a stronger voice and they can directly challenge politicians who attempt to thwart their will. Bottoms up lad, we're moving on. Next round is Delaware Curmudeon with a story about semantic squabbling and interservice rivalry that's going to cost you and me $16MM. I'm guessing we're a little past the use of "Find and Replace" at this point but with government, who knows? Down the hatch lassie, we're moving on. Down With Absolutes has been

One quick note to DelawareLibertarian...

Guys, I love your site and what you write but please, in the name of all that is good, slow the fsck down! Your fans (read: me) can't read it all and any comments I make on a post are pushed to the deeper pages within minutes due to the firehose like volume of posts. Examples: Sunday March 9th: Pages: 15 Paragraphs: 218 Lines: 857 Words: 8535 Monday, March 10th: Pages: 8 Paragraphs: 119 Lines: 449 Words: 4463 So...when I read your blog after two days of not reading it I have 13,000 words to read and 23 pages. I fear you're going to lose your audience by sheer volume. Maybe it's just me but that's just my $.02.

Quote of the Day

I guess you do form a special bond to the person you lose your virginity to. Which is why I have my own private shrine to honor Mary the Escaped Mental Patient. I'll never forget that fateful day (last week) when she ran into my yard wearing nothing but a trash bag and construction worker's helmet. *sigh* It was pure magic. Until she left me for the neighbor's dog. I know where you sleep, Mr. Barksington!

Scales falling from the eyes...

Two installments on what may become a regular feature: First up, dutiful lefty David Mamet on why he is no longer a "brain-dead liberal. " Read the whole thing. I think his critique of "brain-dead liberalism" is a fair one. He doesn't believe all liberals are brain-dead. Rather, that he was not thinking about it. There were certain things he accepted as hardened facts that did not withstand the scrutiny of close examination or comparison with real life. Second, physicist and environmentalist Miklós Zágoni believes he was wrong about global warmening . Like any good scientist (or intellectually honest person) changed his mind to fit the facts and not the other way around. The key graf: NASA refused to release the results. Miskolczi believes their motivation is simple. "Money", he tells DailyTech. Research that contradicts the view of an impending crisis jeopardizes funding, not only for his own atmosphere-monitoring project, but all clim

The Dark Arts

Just after the Earth cooled and I was in college I was an (nerd alert) IT helpdesk guy for the computer lab. One of the professors who frequently had trouble with his computer would call and would invariably refer to us as being versed in the Dark Arts of technology. I always got a kick out of that and have ever after referred to IT as "The Dark Arts". Besides, it's much more exciting than saying "I work with computers." I've been in the industry for [redacted] years now and I have some insight for you, the users. 1. Do not act like you know more than the IT guy. You don't and you'll only annoy us by making suggestions about what is wrong. 2. Even if you do know more than we do, don't say so that will annoy us more than if you don't. 3. When you have a problem, you must properly define it for us to fix it. "Nothing is working" is not helpful. "I'm getting an error message" isn't either. What were yo

Quote of the Day

"...modified Brits with levels of enthusiasm that would surely qualify them for honorary U.S. citizenship."

Tales from the future

It is with no great modesty that I boldly predict this movie will be an abject failure. The creators and stars probably think this movie is somehow patriotic or will "resignate" with Middle America because it shows the brave, noble soldier against The Evil System Chimpy McHaliburton Regime. Sorry folks, ain't gonna happen. Unless or until they make a movie that shows the troops in an heroic light like fighting and winning a major battle, Middle America will be staying home.

About that 3 AM Phone Call Ad...

The 3 AM call and the "lifetime of experience" indicates she either has to win or McCain does. Anything else puts an end to any hope of occupying the White House. Gore ran very strong. He lost by the closest of margins and they put him out to pasture. Kerry also ran and it came close and again, out to pasture. Hillary knows she gets one bite at the apple and this is it. She has put herself in a bind. In the now infamous 3 AM call, she indicates that Obama isn't qualified or capable to be president. So, if he gets the nominee, either she will back a man she doesn't believe is qualified to answer that call or she's not going to back him and risk tearing the party apart at the seams. This is like a political Samson Option . "Vote for me or I'll take the entire party down with me." It is also odd that she indicated she would accept him as a running mate if she think him unqualified. But given the Clinton camp's implicit argument that